Beverly Home Install

This spiral stair was installed in a home in Beverly, NJ. The homeowner chose a spiral from our Forged Iron collection of spirals. The homeowner wrote ecstatic comments about not only the stair, but her salesman Joe Miller as well, “Joe Miller was most helpful in designing the staircase to meet our needs.” Additionally, she goes on to discuss her graciousness for how well the stair was built and assembled, “The staircase is beautiful – I loved the Forged Iron. Everything fit perfectly!”  Judging from the pictures I can see why she was happy from custom shoe molding on the round enclousure upstairs to the beautiful wooden posts and powder coated stair and balusters.
Here are some of the other particulars of this stair:
  • 5′ Code Spiral with 30 Degree Treads
  • 13 Treads and 14 Risers
  • Continuous Sleeve Option (Hides center column, hardware, etc and makes assembly a snap – call and ask why you want a continuous sleeve stair)
  • 3 Forged Iron Center Balusters per Tread – Group 1 at Salter’s
  • Custom 60 Degree platform to fit in round opening
  • Oak Treads, Platform, Handrail, and Capping (Stained by customer to match home)
  • Powder Coated Steel a beautiful Matte Black
  • 2 Wooden Corner Posts and matching shoe molding

This image is of the upper opening of the Spiral. As you can see we created a custom curved platform to match the opening. We also provided the shoe molding to the exact size of the opening so everything fits perfectly


In this picture you can see the customer put on a beautiful custom counter top attached to the spiral (The flowers are on it.) Additionally, you a have a wonderful view of the shape of the treads. This shows how a spiral can really be beautiful as well as practical from a space point of view in a home.














This picture is from the top of the stair looking down. You can really start to appreciate the custom woodwork we do at Salter. We take highest quality wood and hand craft each of these wood pieces to fit perfectly on your stair. A wonderful accessory for any spiral.

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