Learn About Spiral Stair Diameters

Diameter can be defined as a straight line going through the center of a circle connecting two points on the circumference. In other words, when we ask you what diameter you would like for your stair what we are really Read the full article »

Pier 53 Land Buoy Stair

This past summer, Salter Spiral Stair was involved in the construction of Philadelphia’s newest waterfront park. Pier 53, located along the Delaware River, adjacent to the Washington Avenue Green Park, features a 55 foot tall “Land Buoy” structure constructed by Read the full article »

Why We Love Spiral Staircases (And You Should, Too!)

A spiral staircase makes a statement. Spiral staircases have a lot of appeal, but people often don’t know all the value that comes with installing a good spiral staircase. Here’s why we love them, and you should too! They Save Read the full article »

A Different Way to Approach Stairs

If you’re in the market for a new staircase, whether you want to replace one you already have or you’re looking for an addition to an outdoor area, then you have a couple of different options to consider. You’ve probably Read the full article »

Straight vs. Spiral Staircase, which is best for you?

There are many questions you may think of as you are designing or updating the look of your home. One thing that you may not be thinking about much is the type of staircase you are going to install in Read the full article »

Blueprints to a Pain-Free Spiral Staircase Purchase

Doing any at-home renovation requires a lot of thought, and it’s a process that can be somewhat intimidating. When buying staircases, there are a lot of aspects to consider: what material you’ll get, what color treads to use, whether it Read the full article »

Straight vs Spiral Stairs

Choosing the Right Spiral Staircase

A spiral staircase is one of the easiest ways to add instant appeal to your home. There is no denying the unique and aesthetically pleasing structure that a spiral staircase has. After all, spiral staircases are featured in a myriad Read the full article »

Spiral Stairs: A Modern Home Essential

There are a number of different things you can do to improve your home, such as paint your walls or install new carpet. If you are trying to add something which will truly change the quality of your home, it’s Read the full article »

Five Simple Solutions to Transforming Your Staircase

One of the most overlooked aspects of a home is the staircase. Your stairs might seem to serve one solitary purpose, which is to get from one floor to another. What many homeowners don’t know is that your staircase can Read the full article »

Think before you Renovate: Four Alternatives to Save you Money

How many times have you looked around your kitchen or living room and thought that it could really benefit from a little remodeling? Chances are it’s fairly often. Everyone wants their living space to be cozy and customized, not to Read the full article »

Easy Ways to Increase your Curb Appeal; Make your House look Young Again

You’ve probably been told at some point, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.” This holds some truth when it comes to houses: it’s probably better to have a clean, comfortable, and well-decorated interior than a pristine exterior. That being Read the full article »

Where will your Spiral Staircase Lead You?

Have you ever read the timeless classic novel “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D Salinger? If you have, then you might not have known where he actually wrote and completed the novel. J.D. Salinger stayed in a North Stamford Read the full article »

The Haunting Tale of the Tulip Spiral Staircase

They appear harmless enough, right? Maybe they even appear captivating for some. With that gigantic spiral leading to beautiful blue rays, it is difficult to not be enchanted by these spiral stairs. But behind these well-crafted and specifically designed balusters Read the full article »

Autumnal Accents for Home Atmosphere

If you’re packing away your sandals and shorts in preparation for the cooler months to come, you might want to put away the pastel-colored throw pillows and beachy rugs, too. Gearing up for fall and winter should apply to all Read the full article »

The Momo Staircase: Spiral Stairs at their Finest

It is truly amazing how a set of spiral stairs can change the atmosphere and ambiance of a building. Let’s take the Vatican Museums, for example. In these historical museums, there are works from collections built by the Roman Catholic Read the full article »

A Special Spiral Staircase Story: The Baron’s Palace in Heliopolis, Egypt

Not every spiral staircase in the world has its very own unique story. Some simply provide an interesting and aesthetically pleasing way to get from one floor to another. Perhaps your young child painted the stairs with nail polish while Read the full article »

Outdoor Spiral Stairs: Improving your Backyard for Brilliant Barbeques

Have you been searching for that special something which will make your backyard look captivating and unique? Maybe you’ve already tried other options, such as outside seating, a pool, or a patio. One thing that you might have forgotten about Read the full article »

The Thirty Million Dollar Palace of Pacific Avenue

San Francisco is the fourth most populous city in the state of California; it is well-known for its sourdough bread, the Golden Gate Bridge, and its breathtaking surroundings which attract tons of visitors each year. In the city of San Read the full article »

Secret Staircases Made of Stone: Historic Transportation Devices in the City of Los Angeles

It’s kind of funny how much we take for granted in life. At work, we are provided with our desks, chairs, and computers. When driving, we have well-organized routes which take us to our desired destinations.  Try to think about Read the full article »

Three Perfect Locations to Install your Outdoor Spiral Staircase

The perfect way to experience summer is by spending time outdoors. You can invite your friends and family to your home for fun summertime celebrations and backyard barbeques. If you’re going to be enjoying time outside this summer, you might Read the full article »

How to Create a Modern Home Renovation with Spiral Stairs

These days, it’s incredibly important to keep up with the value of your home. Modern homes are highly sought-after due to their sleek appeal and their fashionable vibe. If you have been looking for simple ways to create a modern Read the full article »

Determining the Price of your Spiral Stairs

Have you been dreaming of an interesting spiral staircase for your home? Perhaps you’ve been thinking about adding a spiral staircase to lead your family and your guests to the top floor of your balcony outside. Whatever the reason, a Read the full article »

Stop the Stress: How Spiral Staircase Kits can Improve your Home

As Jane Austen once said, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” Your home is your sanctuary. It’s a place to seek rest, peace, and harmony. However, if the quality of your household has you stressed, you Read the full article »

Essential DIY Staircase Ideas

Spiral Stairs: A Simple Step to Accentuate your Home

Your home is your sanctuary. If you’re a typical caring homeowner, you’ve probably looked through all that you can to improve its overall quality. Maybe you enjoy researching DIY tips, creating your own crafts, and other forms of home renovation. Read the full article »

Unique Ways to Improve your Backyard

It’s summer, and that means one major thing: plenty of time is spent staying outdoors. With such beautiful weather and the sun beaming down on you, it’s hard to spend time anywhere else. One of the greatest ways to spend Read the full article »

It’s summer, and that means one major thing: plenty of time is spent staying outdoors. With such beautiful weather and the sun beaming down on you, it’s hard to spend time anywhere else.  One of the greatest ways to spend Read the full article »

Salter Spiral Receives a Thank-You Letter

Not every company can provide an incredible product while simultaneously delivering incredible customer service. With a business like Salter Spiral, you can expect the absolute best in terms of service and quality. Just ask Gregory Bergamaschi from Lynbrook, NY. In Read the full article »

Visit the Spiral Staircase in the Luxurious Crab Shack Cottage

Salter Spiral has been in the staircase business for over forty years.  One of the most famous clients that Salter Spiral has worked for is Grandview on the Bay. This is a bed and breakfast located in Bohannon, Virginia. Grandview Read the full article »

Information on Stairs and Safety

Three of the Most Famous Spiral Staircases on Earth

Spiral staircases are more than just a set of stairs—some of these twisting steps have interesting stories, legends, and history associated with them. For example, the Loretto Chapel Staircase has a great legend behind it. This spiral staircase, located in Read the full article »

Interesting Places to install Spiral Staircases

Are you looking for a staircase that is different than the rest—something that is truly unique, captivating, and modern? Try a spiral staircase. This set of stairs will easily capture your attention due to its aesthetically-pleasing appearance. It will also Read the full article »

Welcome to the SalterSpiralStair.com Blog

My name is Sam Saxton. I’m the president of Salter Spiral Stair one of the leading Spiral Stair manufacturers in the United States based in Pennsylvania. This blog will not just be about spiral stairs nor will it only be Read the full article »


If you’re a fan of Salter Spiral Stair, than you know that for the last several months, we’ve been adding a ton of new content to our Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter pages. What’s more, even though we don’t update Read the full article »

5 Reasons To Go Spiral

Dear Blogosphere, Hopefully everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday. We’ve found that a lot of people get the idea for a spiral staircase around this time of year. When you’re living in your home during the majority of the year, everyone Read the full article »

Choosing the Best Finish For Your New Spiral

So you’ve made the decision to buy a spiral stair. Of course we think you made the right decision, but in all seriousness, we do recognize that it’s a big commitment. Whether the stair is going to be inside your Read the full article »

Spiral Stairs in History, Part 1

As an interior architecture major in college, I loved learning about ancient architecture and was fascinated by our ancestor’s ability to build iconic structures such as The Coliseum and the Pyramids. These buildings still stand as representations of the superb Read the full article »

Are You Considering Purchasing a Spiral Staircase

Welcome back everyone! Thanks again for visiting Salter’s Spiral Stair blog! We receive calls every day from customers all over the country who are interested in buying a Salter Spiral Stair. Spiral stairs are a great alternative to straight stairs, Read the full article »

Salter Spiral Stair balusters offer both strength and beauty

Hello! I hope everyone is having an awesome summer! If you don’t have a Salter Spiral Stair to enjoy while using your deck or while entertaining this summer, but are thinking about getting one, you’ve come to the right place. Read the full article »

Discussion about prices for spiral stairs

Hello, All day long here at Salter Spiral Stair customers call us because we are the experts when it comes to spiral staircases. Often we answer questions about code requirements, size of the footprint required, options for decks etc., but Read the full article »

Salter tread designs and the distinguishing features -Kim

Hello again! As previously mentioned, only Salter Spiral Stair has the 7 fine details and extra features that make a quality stair at an economical price. With “The Salter Advantage”, every product line starts with a reasonably priced base stair Read the full article »

Salter’s Handrail Details- Kim

Hello! My name is Kim and I will be contributing to this blog along with Sam and a few others here at Salter Spiral Stair. I began working at Salter a few weeks ago, and I can tell you one Read the full article »

Discussion about exterior deck stairs – standing up to the elements

One question we receive from our customers on a daily basis is, “How well does your spiral stair stand up to the elements”? This is a great question because too often we receive calls about replacing spiral stairs that are Read the full article »

Hello Again

Hello again, So it has been a while, but I’m going to try and recommit to writing the blog. Why today? I read a great article about manufacturing in the United States. The corresponding article can be found here: Article Read the full article »

Television Shows and Salter Spiral Stairs

I obviously care more about spiral stairs then the average person. They are my life and I spend more hours thinking about how we add or improve to the product so that we continue to be the highest quality spiral Read the full article »

Going Green – Marketing it vs. Doing it

Hi. I’m writing today because I was inspired by someone who decided not to purchase a spiral stair from us. The person I am discussing is Nikki from Dallas, TX.  Now before you think I’ve lost it I admit to Read the full article »

Trade Show Done – Deck and Remodeling Show

So it’s Friday. I just had another 14 hour day and we just got back to the hotel from the final day of the Deck and Remodeling Trade Show. Wake up 6:30. Shower and grab some food. 7:15 I start Read the full article »

Day 1+2 Tradeshow – Deck and Remodeling – Indianapolis, IN

It’s 5 Am and I have to quickly finish packing and get to the plant to meet my plant manager Dave Lewis to start the drive. We finally pull out around 7 after we finish packing the truck, print diretions, Read the full article »

Pictures from Jim in Maryland

Hello to all, We recieved this email from a happy customer named Jim in Maryland. The stair is a 5’6″ Power Coated Aluminum Spiral Stair. As you can see it has three center balusters to meet code as well as Read the full article »