Custom Spiral Stairs

A Rare Look for One-of-a-Kind Needs

The Advantage of an Exact Fit

Salter’s Custom Spiral Stairs line is ideally suited for satisfying those stair needs defined by unusual structural needs. The level of possibility in the build and design of our Custom Spiral Stairs series allows you to push the idea of “What if?” to an entirely new level. No matter how grand the scale, if you think of it, we’ll work with you to create it.

If you work with our professional Stair Designers to create a completely custom stair, you’ll quickly see just what unique solutions we can help you come up with. The purpose of this stair line is to help you look at a space of unusual or large dimensions and come up with the ideal solution to match that space. We’ll help you hammer out the design it takes to fill that space. Just come to us with your ideas and we’ll get you there.

With a stair of such unusual magnitude, we know that you expect every minute detail to be exactly to your specifications, so our designers take the time to help you bring your creation into being on any scale. A multi-floor grand scale spiral for architects and contractors in New York or a small scale for homeowners and small business owners—all of these are within the realm of our custom line.

Please call (800) 368-8280 and discover the extent of our customization abilities so we can give form to your vision.

Bring Your Vision to Life


Build on a Large Scale

Take your stair to a diameter as large as you need it to be. Learn how many floors you can connect with a single structure on your exterior or interior. This stair line is a chance to expand upon your stair needs.


Tell Us Your Desired Look

Give us your vision for every component of the stair. We’ll work to make this stair a helical work of any genre of art that captures the look you need.


Meet Precise Specifications

Provide our designers with the direction and we’ll zero in on what it is you’re thinking. Each detail you define will be given form down to each piece of hardware.

Let Us Create Your Perfect Stair Solution

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  • What to expect at your consultation.

    1. We will review your project and ask a few basic questions, including measurements, design and safety requirements.
    2. We will discuss options that fit your design needs and will talk about your budget to provide you with a narrow price range for your stair.
    3. We will ask you to email pictures to help us create a virtual model of your stair. We will then schedule your one-on-one design consultation.

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