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Amazing Uses

Here are some highlights of the potential uses available with a Salter Spiral stair. Each use demonstrates the customizability in quality material available through our broad range of options.

Boat Stairs

Spiral stairs are the safe and durable solution for a boat's limited space.

Attic Stairs

Spiral stairs are a safe and stable alternative to your old rickety attic ladder.

Balcony Stairs

Connect your balcony to the rest of your backyard with an elegant spiral stair.

Incredible Style

Achieving the precise look you want with your spiral stair is possible from wood species selection down to even the shape of your steps. You stair can be as open and modern or detailed and traditional as you wish.

Compact Stairs

Salter Spiral Stair offers five compact stair designs so you can make the most of your home.

Designed Stairs

Salter Spiral Stair offers customizable designs to match your home's unique design.

Farmhouse Stairs

Rustic spiral stairs can maximize your farmhouse's space and fit into it's natural charm.

Expert Advice

Spiral stair ownership should be a great experience, which is why Salter takes the time to ensure that, whatever your intended purpose, your spiral stair project comes together in the best way to fulfill all of your needs.

Three Story Spiral Stairs

See how a three story spiral stair can solve your multi-level egress needs.

Spiral Stair Tread Covers

Read on to learn about our great tread cover options to suit your various spiral stair requirements.

Taking Good Project Photos

Learn about the key factors for taking good home improvement project photos.