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Spiral stair ownership should be a great experience, which is why Salter takes the time to ensure that, whatever your intended purpose, your spiral stair project comes together in the best way to fulfill all of your needs.

Three Story Spiral Stairs

See how a three story spiral stair can solve your multi-level egress needs.

Spiral Stair Tread Covers

Read on to learn about our great tread cover options to suit your various spiral stair requirements.

Taking Good Project Photos

Learn about the key factors for taking good home improvement project photos.

Spiral Stair Carpeting

Gain some valuable insight on style and safety for carpeting your next spiral stair.

What is a Spiral Staircase?

Gain a solid understanding of the form that makes a spiral staircase.

Spiral Staircase Dimensions & Measurements

Discover what elements add up to a spiral stair's overall size and what their names are.

Spiral Stair Glossary

Learn more about your spiral stair and all of its individual components.

Spiral Stair: Preparatory Construction Projects

See how you can better prepare your space for the installation of a spiral stair.

Spiral Stair Buying Guide

Uncover some helpful tips to guide you along your spiral stair purchase process.

Replacing a Spiral Staircase

Learn what options are available for replacing your current spiral stair with one that will last.

How Spiral Stairs Can Improve Your Home

See the various benefits a spiral stair offers for adding value to your home and property.

Pricing Spiral Staircases

Learn about what factors influence the final cost when pricing spiral staircases.