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Spiral stair ownership should be a great experience, which is why Salter takes the time to ensure that, whatever your intended purpose, your spiral stair project comes together in the best way to fulfill all of your needs.

Buying a Used Spiral Staircase

Read this helpful guide so you can make an educated decision before purchasing a used spiral stair.

10 Most Asked Spiral Stair Questions

Get a thorough answer for the most frequently asked questions about spiral stairs.

When to Customize Your Spiral Stair

See how to judge when you should move from a standard to a custom line spiral stair.

Spiral Stair Timetable

Learn several helpful tips for keeping your spiral stair installation project on track.

Spiral Stair Foundation Considerations

See how you can ensure the groundwork for your spiral stair, indoors and out, is ready.

5 Reasons to Go Spiral

See some of the top benefits that await you when you choose to go spiral for your next stair.

Spiral Staircase Safety

Obtain a thorough comprehension of the safety features available in a spiral stair design.

How Big is a Spiral Staircase?

Learn what heights and widths are available to you for your spiral stair needs.

Why It’s Important to Buy American Made Spiral Stairs

See what the many merits are to purchasing a spiral stair manufactured entirely in the USA.

Spiral Stair Parts

What really makes up your spiral staircase? We tell you here.

Spiral Stairs: Kit vs. Manufacturer

See what gives our manufactured stairs an edge over a hardware spiral stair kit.

Spiral Stair Installation

See what to expect for your spiral stair installation project and prepare accordingly.