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Spiral stair ownership should be a great experience, which is why Salter takes the time to ensure that, whatever your intended purpose, your spiral stair project comes together in the best way to fulfill all of your needs.

Spiral Stair Designs

Read our handy design tips to help you build the ideal spiral stair for your taste and decor.

When Installation Day Comes for Your Spiral Stair

Make sure you're ready on spiral stair installation day with these tips.

Multi Family Home Spiral Stair Applications

Discover what benefits a spiral stair offers to residents and landlords for multi-home structures.

Spiral Staircase Risers

See how risers affect the overall look and code compliance of your spiral stair.

Spiral Staircase Spindles Styles

Uncover the various materials and styles available for your spiral stair spindle selection.

Aluminum vs Galvanized Spirals

Discover the different pros of aluminum and galvanized spiral stairs and see which is right for you.

Painting Your Spiral Stair

Learn the proper method for painting your spiral stair and getting the best results.

Spiral Staircase Treads

Discover what materials, styles, and other features are available for your spiral tread choice.

Spiral Stair Handrail Options

See what the best choice in handrail material and style is for your spiral stair.

Spiral Stair Railing Options

Find the perfect complement to your spiral stair with these railing options.

Spiral Stair Tread Sleeve Options

Salter offers two primary types of tread sleeves. Read on to see which best suits your spiral stair

How to Finish Your Spiral Stair

See how to give your spiral stair the perfect finishing touch after reading this helpful article.