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If you’re considering laying some carpet on your spiral stair steps, there are a few issues you should inform yourself of first. It’s not just a matter of picking the prettiest carpet pattern you can find and laying it down. You first have to determine if laying a carpet at all is a good idea in the first place. More than likely it is, but there are several factors that may make it not the best of ideas, or at least something you have to do with a very specific approach.

Why Carpet?
Before even delving into what you need to know to ensure that carpeting is the best idea in the case of your particular spiral stair, it’s a good idea to ask yourself why you’re carpeting at all.

Obviously, it adds an aesthetic element that can be customized. But in addition to the aesthetic aspect, carpeting can also soften your treads and make them more comfortable to walk on. Plus, a carpeted tread is warmer to the touch than a bare wood or metal tread. So there are several aspects of comfort to consider as benefits in addition to the aesthetic customization.

Check Location
One environmental aspect to consider is that of moisture. If the location of your spiral stair, an unfinished cellar for instance, is an area prone to retaining moisture then laying carpet may not be the most prudent of ideas as moisture will settle in the carpet and eventually lead to mildew.

That’s about the only place in your house where moisture is that likely to build up over time, but it’s still worth checking into before laying carpet.

Keep it Safe
Another factor to consider is that of safety. A thicker carpet with thicker carpet padding beneath may seem attractive because of the comfort it offers. However, thickness added atop thickness like this will create a slippery surface with curved tread lips, making it difficult to gain purchase with each step. This may not appear to be an issue for most, but for anyone whom experiences difficulty while walking (the elderly, small children, etc.), this level of carpet thickness is not the best idea.

Stick to thinner carpeting and carpet padding for stair applications and you’ll avoid any potential hazards.

Invest in the Appropriate Treads
No all tread styles and materials are suited ideally for carpet application. Make sure your chosen treads will be receptive to laying carpet before proceeding. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a slipshod carpet job that won’t be attractive, and therefore, defeats one of the main purposes of carpeting.

Luckily, there are tread materials out there specifically made for receiving carpet. Flake board. The surface of this material is excellent for adhering carpet with the appropriate carpet glue and/or staples. There are also treads that come pre-drilled to receive underlayment for your carpet. So make sure you look into these tread features when you first go to buy a spiral stair if you plan on carpeting. Learn about Salter's flake board option by calling (800) 368-8280 today.

Prepare for the Added Upkeep
As with any addition to your home, added material is going to translate to added upkeep. So be prepared to take proper care of your stair carpet. There’s the obvious need to vacuum. You’ll also have to keep an eye on any pulling in the carpet threading and take care of it so the carpet doesn’t fray. If you have pets, the carpet will be an added fur trap (especially if said pets use the stairs at all).
Your best friend will really be a steam cleaner once you decide to install a carpet on your spiral stair. So you may consider that investment as well.

A carpet will also start to fade and discolor long before a quality stair will need repair (regardless of the upkeep measures you take with steam cleaning and vacuuming), so be prepared to replace your carpet years down the road.

Match Your Theme/Aesthetic
Because one of the main points of adding a carpet is to emphasize the aesthetics of your space, take the time to make sure that your desired carpet is more than just attractive on its own. Make sure it matches the overall theme your space creates. Your chosen carpet should act as a piece in a greater puzzle, not a stand-alone.

But don’t take an approach along the line of “My room is very ornate, so I need a carpet with an ornate pattern.” That may match your general theme, but the end result would also be overpowering visually. Try to find a balance with your combination of décor items.

Test Several Selections
To make it easier to find the perfect carpet that complements your space just right without overpowering anything or standing out to much, try bring cuts of various carpet samples to hold against your stair and seeing how it works with the rest of your décor.

This method is really the best way to see how several potential looks work out so you can pick the direction that really works best and makes you the happiest. Plus, if you find you like several of the test sections you brought home, then you have a few patterns you know will work down the road when you go to replace your first stair, assuming your space’s décor is the same those years down the road.

DIY or Hire a Professional?
Once you’ve selected a carpet and you know that your location is suitable, the next step is actually installing it. Installing carpet isn’t that involved an undertaking. Especially when you’re just covering the treads of a stair. However, keep in mind that a spiral stair will offer a little more difficulty to cover smoothly than a traditional straight stair would. This is because of the curves in the surface. If you feel confident in your abilities to lay carpet and you have the time, then there shouldn’t be anything stopping you. But if you’re unsure, it’s probably best to hire a professional to do it if you want to make certain that the end result is as attractive as it can be.

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