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Spiral staircases are often associated with huge commercial spaces and high prices. It may seem like they’re out of budget for your home project. However, Salter Spiral Stair offers plenty of designs that fit into a range of budgets,

While all of our stairs are custom designed, we can offer some insight into the factors that will determine your spiral stair’s price.


Dimensions and Measurements

Just like any other project, the price will largely be dictated by the size of your spiral stair. It determines the amount of material used and will therefore be a large indicator of your base price.

The first measurement will by your floor to floor height. This is the complete height of your spiral stair from the baseplate to your top landing platform. This is also the first measurement that your consultative designer will ask for.

The second measurement that will determine your price is the width, or diameter of your spiral stair. This dictates the size of the individual steps in your spiral staircase.
For information on how to find these measurements, visit our dimensions and measurements page.



Your spiral stair’s location will play a role in the price of your design. Depending upon the stair’s location, you’re going to consider different finishes. For instance, if you want an outdoor spiral stair, you will probably consider a finish that may be more expensive, but will definitely hold up to the constant outdoor exposure.

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Product Lines

Salter Spiral Stair has five different product lines that feature different materials. We have three interior options: Classic Steel, Forged Iron, and Solid Wood. Our two outdoor options include Powder Coated Aluminum and Galvanized Steel. All of these different product lines have their own benefits and are priced differently.

Our consultative designers can price your stair design in different materials to find the best fit for your budget.

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Access Point

There are two access points that you can use when installing a spiral staircase: at the face of the wall or through a hole in the floor.

A spiral stair is typically installed at the face of a deck or loft with match railing to enclose the space. Your spiral staircase will have a top platform that connects to the face of your deck or loft to create a safe and stable transition between the two.

A hole in floor access point is just like it sounds. You would have an opening in the floor of the upper level that would open to your spiral stair. The hole is enclosed with well opening railing. This is commonly found with spiral stairs that are moving between two floors of the home.


Additional Options

Salter Spiral Stair provides completely customizable designs that have the potential for a lot of different options. Any of these customizations will alter the price of your spiral stair.

A call to your consultative designers can get you quick pricing on your spiral stair design. If you want to jumpstart your project, keep these pricing considerations in mind when you call us at (800) 368-8280.

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