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Every homeowner wants their house to reach its fullest potential. This could be maximizing space for the most efficient house possible, or simply have a unique design that reflects the personality of the space. A lot of these things can be found in the structural pieces of your home.

There are plenty of different staircase designs available for your home. Why not incorporate a staircase design that holds major benefits for your home? Spiral stairs may not be a homeowner’s first thought, but they the perfect answer to a few different home design issues.


Maximize Space

One of the biggest benefits to a spiral stair is that it will help you to maximize space in your home. Homeowners are constantly looking for more space in their homes, but often sacrifice a large portion of square footage for structural pieces.

Traditional staircases are the most common stair design. They are seen as the safest and most stable option. However, they extend out and take up a large rectangle of space in the middle of your home.

Spiral stairs are the perfect answer to those seeking more space and a safe stair design. Spiral stairs build on top of themselves around the center column. This keeps it from extending out at all and the footprint is kept to a small circle.

Your spiral stair’s footprint will be determined by the width, or diameter, of your design. It could take up as little as a 42” circle. Your consultative designer can help you find the best size staircase for your space.

If you’re unsure of what might fit in your space, visit our dimensions and measurements page. Choose and footprint and tape a section of a matching size off in your home. This will help you visual the stair in your space.

These small footprints don’t sacrifice any stability or safety. The beauty of a spiral stair design is that it takes the full steps of a traditional staircase, and compacts them into the spiral design. All Salter spiral stairs are guaranteed to hold up to heavy foot traffic and regular use with a lifetime warranty on all metal fabrication.

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Dynamic Home Designs

A lot of homeowners want to add interesting home design through additional home décor. However, why not make your home dynamic starting at the structural elements? A spiral stair can help you create an interesting home design from the beginning that can also help add value to your home.

A spiral stair automatically adds visual interest without overwhelming the rest of your home. The smooth curves of the staircase is much more dynamic than a traditional straight staircase.
Your spiral stairs can also extend your living spaces by helping you to access hard to reach places. The spiral design means you have flexibility of access points and the stair can be moved and installed at an angle that can reach your attic or loft. Compare this to a traditional staircase that must extend out and has a limited range of angles.

There are two ways to install your spiral stair: at the face of the loft or deck or through a hole in the floor. Both of these installation methods maximize space and help you reach your previously inaccessible places in your home.

The first option, a spiral stair at the face of a loft or deck, is probably the most common installation. The spiral stair is installed separately from the deck or loft and has a top platform to create a safe and stable transition between the two surfaces. These stairs are also typically paired with matching deck or loft railing for a cohesive design.

The second design and installation option for your spiral stair is going to be the through a hole in the floor. This is more commonly found when the spiral stair is used to access a full second floor or a basement. This is just like it sounds with the spiral stair accessing the upper level through an opening in the floor. Salter Spiral Stair offers enclosure railing to ensure the safety of everyone in your home.

On top of the flexibility of access points, Salter Spiral Stair also offers product lines for both interior and exterior applications. Over our five product lines, we have the perfect spiral stair for your space and application.


Customizable Stair Designs

Salter Spiral Stair has five product lines between our indoor and outdoor stair options. All of these stairs are completely customizable on every level of the design. As the most consultative brand in the industry, our designers go through each design decision with you.

The first decision you must make is the product line. We have three indoor stair options: Classic Steel, Forged Iron, and Solid Wood, and two outdoor stair lines: Galvanized Steel and Powder Coated Aluminum. Our consultative designers can go through each material’s benefits.

The next customization option is going to be the individual steps, or treads. Tread designs incorporate three different customizable pieces: the sleeve, the tread style, and the tread cover. These individual steps are one of the most defining parts of your overall staircase.

The next major design element is going to be the spindles, or balusters, in your spiral staircase. Not only are they a major structural element in your spiral stair, but they also add a lot of personality with their unique patterns and designs. We offer decorative balusters with complimentary designs in groups that you can choose from.

The last customizable feature is your finish. Our Classic Steel and Powder Coated Aluminum spiral stairs can be finished in custom colors that compliment your existing home design or be a standout piece.

Spiral stairs have several benefits when it comes to enhancing your home. Not only do they maximize space, but they also add a dynamic design element. If you’re ready to start designing your spiral stair, call our consultative designers at (800) 368-8280.

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