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When you’re planning on making any large purchase, you want to be sure that you’re making the right decision. The best way to start this decision making process is to have all of the facts about the product at the start. This helps you compare different brands and find what will be the best fit for you.

The easiest way to know if a spiral stair is the right choice for you and your space is to understand how it will differ from a traditional staircase design. You’ll see large differences in the footprint, visual appeal, and value between the two different designs.

Spiral Stair Basics

Your spiral stair has the major benefit of having a significantly smaller footprint than that of a traditional staircase. Your traditional straight stair will extend out into your home and have a large rectangular footprint.

Because a spiral stair builds on top of itself, your stair’s footprint won’t extend beyond the width, or diameter of your design. This keeps the footprint to a small circle in your home that can easily be tucked into the corner of your home.

Our dimensions and measurements page gives a complete overview of our diameters and footprints. A great way to find the right size for your home is to tape off a square or circle the same size as your listed footprint. Live with this space sectioned off for a week or so and adjust your spiral stair’s diameter from there.

Our spiral stair experts are ready to answer any of your measurement questions, including how to get an accurate number! Just give them a call at (800) 368-8280.

Spiral Stair Aesthetics

Spiral stairs can add a lot of visual interest to your home while still acting as a functional piece. Whether you choose to install your stair inside or outside, your spiral stair can improve the aesthetic of your home.

Indoor Aesthetics

When you install a traditional staircase indoors, you’ll find that it has a large and bulky frame. This solid structure is paired with a large footprint to create a giant interruption in the middle of your home’s floorplan.

Not only does a spiral stair have the previously mentioned small footprint, but it also has an open frame. The support for the steps is the center column and spindles attached to the handrail. This maximizes the amount of light and air that can pass through the staircase and keep your space feeling open.

This open space aesthetics is becoming increasingly popular with the emerging trend of minimalism and space efficient homes. The smooth curves of a spiral stair also complement the simple designs that are commonly found in these homes.

Outdoor Aesthetics

When you’re installing a stair in your backyard, you probably want to maximize your space without intruding on your surroundings. The two most common types of outdoor stairs are going to be a traditional deck stair and a spiral staircase.

Traditional deck stairs extend out in a large rectangle just like their indoor counterparts. It takes up a large portion of your backyard and interrupts the amazing view.

Outdoor spiral stairs the perfect balance of beauty and function. The openness of the frame means that you won’t have a large object blocking your view and the small footprint maximizes your backyard. With the different material options available, Salter Spiral Stair can help you create a complementary design for your home.

Spiral Stair Value

You might associate spiral stairs with high costs because they are typically found in extravagant spaces with ornate designs. However, Salter Spiral Stair provides designs that fit into a wide range of budgets and add plenty of value to the surrounding space.

From a cost perspective, there are several factors that will affect the price of your spiral stair. These include the size of your stair, the location of your stair, and the customized details. For more information on determining the price of your spiral staircase, visit our pricing post.

When it comes to added value, your spiral stair provides plenty. The stair design itself can be completely customized to give you a one of a kind addition to your home or commercial space. The small footprint of your spiral stair all creates square footage in your home that would otherwise be taken up by a traditional staircase. This additional living space gives your home more value.

Salter Spiral Stair offers longevity with our designs with a lifetime warranty on all metal fabrication. We guarantee a long lasting solution that will add value without all of the extra maintenance. Our outdoor product lines, Powder Coated Aluminum and Galvanized Steel spiral stairs, feature maintenance free finishes. This means that your first cost is the only cost.

If you’re looking for quick pricing, call (800) 368-8280 to speak to one of our consultative designers. They can get you pricing in 5 minutes or less!

Spiral Stair Building Code

One of the biggest questions that customers have about spiral stairs is the safety level. Commercial space owners in particular often have questions about meeting building code. Building code is a set of safety regulations that every building must meet to pass inspection. It’s required for a house to be sold or any commercial space.

There are several different policies that all apply to spiral stair building code and it can quickly get overwhelming for homeowners or business owners. These range from international regulations to local municipalities. Our stair experts are knowledgeable in all of these different sets of regulations and can help you to design a code compliant spiral stair.

There are several different aspects of your stair that are affected by code compliance. This ranges from the diameter, or width of your spiral stair, to how many spindles are included. For more detailed information on these requirements, visit our spiral stair building code page.

All of our spiral stair experts are code certified and can answer any questions you may have at (800) 368-8280.

Glossary of Spiral Stair Terms

Some of the terms we use in our design process may overwhelm homeowners. We’ve defined some of the core terms here for you. For a more in depth look at our spiral stairs, visit our spiral stair glossary.

Floor to Floor Height:

This is the complete height of your staircase from the bottom floor through to the finished upper floor. This will be the first measurement that your consultative designer asks for.


This is the width of your stair. The smallest diameter Salter Spiral Stair offers is 3’6”. In order to meet building code, your spiral stair will require a 5’ diameter.


Treads are the individual steps that make up your staircase.

Tread Covers:

These are customizable pieces that are put over your treads. Many homeowners choose to install solid wood tread covers for a unique look.


This is the industry term for the spindles in your staircase. They can be as simple or ornate as you’d like.


A handrail is a piece of railing that runs along the outside of your spiral stair. It’s secured to your stair by the spindles that connect it to the treads.

Column Cap:

The column cap is a decorative piece that closes off the center column of your spiral staircase.

Why Salter Spiral Stair?

There are several different spiral stair manufacturers, both at the national and local level. However, Salter Spiral Stair can provide a unique customer experience and one of a kind product that other cannot. From our reputation as the most consultative brand to focus on the customer, we promise you’ll be happy with your Salter Spiral Stair experience.

Salter Spiral Stair has worked with our customer’s over the past 40 years to build relationships and our reputation as a trusted company to handle your stair renovation needs. We have excellent online review ratings on several platforms, including Houzz, a home renovation website.

Through all of these reviews and our Featured Projects page, you will see a theme of putting the customer first. All of our consultative designers go into the design process with your dream spiral stair at the forefront.

Our spiral stair lines are completely customizable to match your design needs, whatever they may be. With a large range of material options, sizes, and decorative details, Salter Spiral Stair can easily create the perfect piece for your space.

All of our spiral stair experts are certified by the Stairway Manufacturer’s Association and are just a phone call away at (800) 368-8280.

Which Spiral Stair is Right for You?

aluminum galvanized exterior spiral stairSalter Spiral Stair has five different product lines, three indoor and two outdoor, to choose from. Each stair has its own benefits when it comes to materials and design aesthetics. We separate them into these two categories because of the unique finishes given to our outdoor stairs to ensure that they will hold up to the constant outdoor exposure.

If aren’t sure about the right product line for your space, our consultative designers can walk you through each choice. All it takes is a quick phone call to (800) 368-8280.

Indoor Spiral Stairs

We have three different indoor spiral stair product lines: Classic Steel, Forged Iron, and Solid Wood spiral stairs. Each of these product lines has their own unique design style and benefits for your space.

Our Classic Steel spiral stairs are our most popular product line due to its versatility. This simple steel stair frame is the perfect complementary spiral stair for any home design aesthetic. You can keep it contemporary with an all metal design that can be left all black, or go through a powder coating finishing process that gives it a custom color. For a more traditional home look, you can choose to add solid wood accents.

A Forged Iron spiral stair adds Victorian elegance to any home. This indoor spiral stair is known for its ornate details. The traditional material of iron is paired with solid wood steps and handrails to give your home a worldly feel. The spindles add a touch of opulence with their complimentary designs. Combine all of these things with details, such as decorative column caps, and you have a one of a kind spiral stair.

Our final indoor spiral stair line is our Solid Wood spiral stair. This all wood design captures the traditional beauty that one would find in a classic home design. There is no metal anywhere in your design, unlike other brands that use steel supports. We allow the beauty and craftsmanship to be at the forefront. We have a large range of wood species available to ensure that your Solid Wood spiral stair fits perfectly into the existing home design.

Outdoor Spiral Stairs

We have two outdoor spiral stair lines: Powder Coated Aluminum and Galvanized Steel spiral stairs. Both of these product lines are made to last in constant outdoor exposure with their maintenance free finishes.

The Powder Coated Aluminum spiral stair is the perfect addition to a backyard that wants to maintain a clean aesthetic. The most unique aspect of this spiral stair design is the custom color options for the powder coating finish. You can go with a complementary white, or create a centerpiece with bright custom colors. Not only does it add to the design, but it gives the already rust prohibitive aluminum stair a weather proof finish.

For a more cost effective outdoor spiral stair, our Galvanized Steel line can get the job done. This durable stair is the perfect addition to a space that simple wants to get the job done. The carbon steel stair frame goes through a hot dipped galvanizing process that coats every part of the stair, including the screws and connection points, in a rust resistant finish. This guarantees that your stair will last in harsh outdoor conditions.

Salter Spiral Stair Design Process

We pride ourselves on our reputation as the most consultative brand in the industry. This has a lot to do with our design process that ensures you are getting the spiral stair of your dreams. It all begins with your first phone call to our stair experts at (800) 368-8280.

On the first phone call, one of our consultative designers is assigned to your project. You will have the same design throughout the entire process that will help you through each design decision. During this initial conversation, they’ll get all of the basic information from you: your floor to floor height, your diameter if you’ve already decided on one, and building code requirements. You don’t have to have a chosen product chosen just yet. They listen to your needs and design aesthetic and can help you make that choice.

Your designer will ask for pictures of your space in order to create the design that will best fit your home. This can be as simple as a cell phone picture! After that, they will set up a live online meeting where we provide a 3D rendering of your spiral stair.

This is what really sets our buying process a part from others. We allow you to see your stair in your space before you make the final buying decision. With this live screen share you can make changes and see them implemented in real time.

Once your stair has been purchased and shipped, our customer service representatives are always ready to help you with any questions you may have. Our stairs are shipped in kit form with each piece individually wrapped for easy installation.

If Salter Spiral Stair is the right fit for your project, you can start the design process today! Simply call one of our consultative designers at (800) 368-8280.

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