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Incredible Style

Achieving the precise look you want with your spiral stair is possible from wood species selection down to even the shape of your steps. You stair can be as open and modern or detailed and traditional as you wish.

Compact Stairs

Salter Spiral Stair offers five compact stair designs so you can make the most of your home.

Designed Stairs

Salter Spiral Stair offers customizable designs to match your home's unique design.

Farmhouse Stairs

Rustic spiral stairs can maximize your farmhouse's space and fit into it's natural charm.

Industrial Stairs

Salter provides all metal stairs that save space and fit your industrial aesthetic.

Minimalist Stairs

Salter Spiral Stair offers simple designs for your open and trendy minimalist space.

Modern Stairs

Salter Spiral Stair offers modern stairs with clean lines and sleek designs.

Rustic Stairs

Keep this warmth of your rustic home in your stair design with Salter Spiral Stair.

Unique Stairs

Complement your home's design with a custom one of a kind spiral staircase.

Urban Stairs

Our spiral stairs save you square footage while providing design to fit into your urban space.

Victorian Stairs

You can bring Victorian elegance to any room in your home with a spiral staircase.