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Compact Stairs for Every Home

Homeowners are always looking for more space in their homes. Ranging from finishing a basement for more living space or converting your garage into a bedroom, you have to get creative sometimes. One easy way to create space in your existing home is to install a new set of compact stairs! If you have a traditional staircase, it’s probably bulky with a large footprint. A spiral stair is the perfect option for those looking for compact stairs.

Spiral stairs have the major benefit of a small footprint. The spiral design takes a traditional stair design and compacts it into a small spiral design. A spiral builds on top of itself meaning it won’t take up any more space than the width of the stair itself. Our consultative designers can help you find the best width for your space.

Just because your stair has a small footprint doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice design! Salter Spiral Stair has 5 spiral stair lines that can be customized to fit your space, both indoor and outdoor, while still having beautiful design. Not only does Salter Spiral Stair create beautiful spiral stairs, but they also stand behind their structural integrity. All Salter spiral stairs have a lifetime warranty on metal fabrication, meaning it will stand up to heavy foot traffic that comes with your home.

Big Benefits in Compact Stairs

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Small Footprint

The biggest benefit of a spiral stair is its small footprint. Your spiral stair won’t extend out beyond the width of your staircase, letting you enjoy the rest of your living space.


Compact Durability

Salter Spiral Stair stands behind all of our spiral stairs with a lifetime warranty on metal fabrication. We guarantee that your stairs will hold up to regular use in your home.


Added Safety Features

Our consultative designers can help you find the best additional safety features for your spiral stair, from textured non-skid steps to additional spindles.

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