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Designed Stairs for Every Home

Your home’s structure supports your design style just as much as your wall colors and furniture choices. There are plenty of standard designs that can fit into any home. However, if you want a set of custom designed stairs that make a statement, spiral stairs are the way to go.

A spiral stair is already a unique design, but Salter Spiral Stair has plenty of customizable options to make sure your spiral stair meets your design needs. Ranging from decorative spindles to the style of each individual step in your staircase, we can make your design dreams a reality. These design details apply to all of our stairs, both indoor and outdoor, meaning you can have your custom designed stairs anywhere in your home. With these customizations, your spiral stair can fit into any home design, whether it be minimalist or rustic.

Our consultative design process puts your design at the forefront. Our designers are here to walk you through each step and customizable option of the process. They ask for information about your space to ensure that your stair design is what’s going to fit into your space. We even have live online meetings where you can see a 3D rendering of your stair before production starts!

One of a Kind Designs

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Versatile Stair Models

With 5 product lines, Salter Spiral Stair has the right spiral stair design for you to use as a base for your design. Between our indoor and outdoor stairs, all of the materials have their own benefits.


Completely Customized Stairs

Once you’ve chosen which material base is best for your design, you can custom design your spiral stair with everything from textured steps to decorative spindles lining your stair.


Consultative Design Process

Our designers are ready to help you through each step of your design. Your project will be assigned to your designer and they’ll be with you through each design decision for your spiral stair.

The Salter Spiral Stair Design Process

When planning your designed stairs, it's important to know all of our options and what you can create for your own home. Our blog answers any questions you may have about your one of a kind Salter spiral stair.

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