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Add Unique Designs to Your Home

When homeowners want a one of a kind piece in their home, they may look at different art pieces or furniture. However, why not make it a functional part of your home’s structure? A staircase is a blank canvas in your home that can embrace whatever design style you choose. Spiral stairs are the perfect way to incorporate a unique design into your home.

The spiral stair design is unique in itself. The spiral design takes the idea of a traditional staircase and compacts it into a smaller footprint. Because it builds on top of itself, your spiral stair’s footprint is kept to a small circle in your home’s floorplan. The curved lines begin the unique design that you’ll then finish with your design choices.

Salter Spiral Stair features highly customizable spiral stair lines that can be designed to fit into your most unique design dreams. Our consultative design process puts your design ideas are the forefront of every meeting with our stair experts. We offer custom color finishes and different decorative spindles to help you create the most unique spiral stair for your space.

One of a Kind Stairs

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Versatile Spiral Stairs

Your unique stairs should have a solid base design to build off of. Salter Spiral Stair has 5 spiral stair lines that are ready to be customized!


Customizable Details

Our consultative designers are here to help you through each design option, from textured steps to one of a kind spindles, we can help create your unique stairs.


Custom Color Finishes

For truly unique stairs, you can have your Classic Steel or Aluminum spiral stair go through a powder coating finish process that gives you custom color results.

How to Create Your Own Unique Stairs

Salter Spiral Stair provides so many opportunities to add a unique edge to your stair that it can be difficult to know which ones are for you. Our blog breaks down all of these different options for you.

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