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Urban Stairs for Your Small Space

Urban spaces have such a wide range of design styles within their own category. From industrial to minimalist homes, it varies depending on the homeowner. No matter what aesthetic you choose, you will have some of the same issues when it comes to your living spaces. Square footage is almost always at a premium and you want a stylish way to access lofts and mezzanines. Spiral stairs provide a small but stable way to access your second floor with unique designs.

One of the major benefits of spiral stairs is their small footprint. They take the benefits of a traditional staircase and compact it into a spiral design. Because a spiral stair builds on top of itself, the footprint is kept to a small circle and won’t extend out beyond the width of your staircase. Our consultative designers are ready to help you find the best size spiral stair for your urban space.

Salter Spiral Stair provides the benefits of a spiral stair in a unique package. All of our spiral stairs, whether indoor or outdoor, are completely customizable to fit into your urban space’s design aesthetic. You can create the perfect design that will fit seamlessly into your home.

A Design for Every Urban Space

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Small Footprint

When square footage is at a premium, you don’t want a large bulky staircase. Spiral stairs don’t take up more than a small circle in your home.


Compact Stability

A small footprint can be equated with an unstable ladder. Your Salter spiral stair features full steps that will hold up to the heavy foot traffic that comes with regular use.


Customizable Designs

All 5 of our product lines feature customizable options to make your urban stairs truly one of a kind. We have everything covered from textured steps to custom loft railing for your space.

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