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Amazing Uses

Here are some highlights of the potential uses available with a Salter Spiral stair. Each use demonstrates the customizability in quality material available through our broad range of options.

Boat Stairs

Spiral stairs are the safe and durable solution for a boat's limited space.

Attic Stairs

Spiral stairs are a safe and stable alternative to your old rickety attic ladder.

Balcony Stairs

Connect your balcony to the rest of your backyard with an elegant spiral stair.

Barn Stairs

Reach your barn's hard to access spaces with a rustic spiral staircase.

Basement Stairs

Replace old and hazardous basement stairs with a space saving spiral staircase.

Beach Stairs

Enhance your beach house with a spiral staircase that will hold up to corrosive sea air.

Cabin Stairs

Choose an all wood spiral stair that will complement your cabin design's craftsmanship.

Commercial Stairs

Maximize your commercial space's square footage with a sturdy and compact spiral staircase.

Long Lasting & Customizable Deck Stairs

Enhance your deck design while maximizing your backyard with the right spiral staircase.

DIY Stairs

You can make your spiral staircase a weekend DIY project with Salter Spiral Stair.

Fire Escape Stairs

Salter Spiral Stair provides safe and durable fire escape stair solutions.

Garage Stairs

No matter how you use your garage's second floor, you can maximize space with a spiral stair.