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A Safe Alternative to Attic Ladders

Attics are the perfect place to find extra square footage in your home. Whether you’re using it for storage or as a new bedroom, you will need a safe and stable way to access the space. Spiral stairs are the perfect solution to discretely access your attic safely. Unlike most ladders, a Salter spiral stair is mounted to the ground with a baseplate and is structurally sound much like a traditional staircase. With added safety features available, our designers can help you design the safest stair for your home.

A spiral stair’s small footprint makes it an ideal choice for accessing an attic. A spiral stair builds on top of itself which means the footprint is kept to a small circle in your home’s floorplan. With stair widths as small as 42”, you can easily tuck a spiral stair in a corner of your home for easy access.

You don’t need to sacrifice a beautiful design for a small footprint. Salter Spiral Stair features three different interior stair lines that can be used for your attic application. The first is the Classic Steel spiral stair that’s known for its versatility of design. A Forged Iron spiral stair is the perfect stair solution for a homeowner that wants a beautiful centerpiece in their home design. Solid Wood spiral stairs are our last indoor line and has the traditional elegance of all wood designs.

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Maximize Your Space

The small footprint of a spiral stair makes it easy to tuck into the corner of your home. This is the perfect solution for home’s that want a discreet point of access to their attic.


Small but Stable

The small footprint of a spiral stair doesn’t mean that it will sacrifice safety. Starting from the base plate and going up to your top platform, your design is structurally sound.


Access any Space

A spiral stair has a lot of flexibility when it comes to access points. If you have a difficult to access space, a spiral stair can get you there.

Attic Designs Beyond Your Stairs

While your attic stairs are a major part of your home design, we want to help you find the best look for your space. From conversion guides to design inspiration, we have it all here.

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