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The Perfect Accent to a Balcony

Balconies are a great addition to a home that wants the outdoor area but are limited in square footage. To truly maximize the space, you can install balcony stairs to move between the two levels of your backyard. Don’t take up your already limited space with a big bulky staircase. Not only do spiral stairs have a small footprint, but they can also be customized to complement your home design and last through constant outdoor exposure.

The largest benefit to installing spiral staircase as your balcony stairs is going to be the small footprint. Your balcony is essentially a deck with a small footprint. You should scale your stairs to match the space. Spiral staircases build on top of themselves keeping the footprint to a small circle in your backyard. This allows you maximize your balcony and the backyard below it.

Salter Spiral Stair has two outdoor spiral stair lines that feature maintenance free finishes and can be customized to fit your home design style. The first, Powder Coated Aluminum, takes the already rust prohibitive aluminum frame and powder coats it for an extra protective finish that comes in custom colors. This is perfect for those backyards that want an enhanced design. The second product line, Galvanized Steel, puts a carbon steel frame through a hot dipped galvanized process that coats every part of the stair in the weather proof finish for an industrial look.

The Right Design for your Backyard

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Small Footprint

Spiral stairs won’t take up more than a small circle in your backyard allowing you to maximize the rest of your outdoor space.


Customizable Designs

No matter which outdoor spiral stair line you choose, Salter Spiral Stair’s consultative designers can work with you to customize it for your home.


Long Lasting Solutions

Both our Powder Coated Aluminum and Galvanized Steel spiral stairs will hold up in harsh weather conditions. Our maintenance free finishes mean that your first cost is the only cost.

Make the Most of Your Balcony Design

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