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Accent your Rustic Cabin Design

Cabins have a distinct design aesthetic that has stood the test of time. While many other spaces are making the push for a minimalist and modern designs, cabins have kept their rustic charm. They also have kept their cozy charm by keeping the cabin’s footprint small. When cabin owners are looking for more space, they turn to lofts and attics. You want a stair that will safely access the space, while not taking over the rest of the cabin or its design. A rustic spiral stair is the perfect solution!

Salter Spiral Stair has three interior stair lines that can be customized to fit your ideal aesthetic. Classic Steel is our most versatile stair and can be customized with solid wood steps and handrails to fit into a rustic cabin. The Forged Iron spiral stair line is the perfect way to add an elegant touch to your cabin with ornate spindles and handrail caps. The Solid Wood spiral stair is a natural choice for your cabin. The all wood design fits seamlessly into the wood paneled interior.

All of these customizable designs fit into a small footprint to maximize the space in your cabin. Because it builds on top of itself, your spiral won’t take up more than a small circle in your floorplan. This is ideal for those cabin owners that want to reach a hard to access loft.

The Perfect Accent to Your Cabin

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A Stair for Every Aesthetic

Whether you an a traditional Solid Wood spiral stair or a rustic Classic Steel with all wood accents, Salter Spiral Stair’s consultative designers are ready to help you design your dream stair.


Let Your Cabin Shine

The small footprint of a spiral stair lets your cabin be the focal point, not the staircase. The design is gorgeous enough to stand on its own, but is the perfect accent to your home design.


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