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Safe and Efficient Commercial Stairs

When you’re looking to access a new area in your workspace, you want a safe and reliable means of access without sacrificing square footage. Salter Spiral Stair has code compliant spiral stairs that can improve your space’s efficiency while providing a structurally sound stair solution.

Salter Spiral Stair’s consultative designers are knowledgeable in spiral stair building code and can help you design a code compliant stair for your commercial space. From the diameter of your stair to the space between spindles, our stair experts can help you design the right spiral stair for your space. Salter spiral stairs also have additional safety features that you can incorporate into your designs. We offer non-skid steps to ensure that your space is safe for both employees and consumers. Not only are these stairs safe in design, but they will also hold up to harsh industrial environments. Salter Spiral Stair backs our products with a lifetime warranty on our metal fabrication.

Spiral stairs can also increase the efficiency of your commercial space. They feature a small footprint unlike that of a traditional straight stair. A spiral stair takes up a small circle in your floorplan meaning you have the maximum amount of space available for the rest of your work space. A code compliant stair only takes up a 60” x 60” circle.

Answer All of Your Space's Needs

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Improve Your Space’s Efficiency

The small footprint of your spiral stair helps to improve your space’s efficiency by leaving the maximum amount of space available on both levels of your commercial space.


Meet Building Code

Our consultative designers are knowledgeable in building code and can help you to design a spiral stair that will meet building code, ensuring that your space is ready for use.


Durable Commercial Stairs

Salter Spiral Stair’s designs use durable materials, such as galvanized steel, that will hold up to the heavy foot traffic that comes with commercial spaces.

Learn More About Your Spiral Stair

When you're installing a spiral stair in a commercial space, you have a few more considerations than a residential stair. We offer all of the answers to your questions about safety, building code, and aesthetics on our blog.

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