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Maximize your Backyard with a Spiral Stair

Most homeowners can agree that you can never have too much outdoor space attached to your home. If you have a raised deck attached to your home, the right deck stair can help maximize your backyard. Whether you’re moving from a deck to your backyard, patio, or even another deck, a spiral stair is the perfect stair solution. The small footprint means you’ll have more space available for the rest of your outdoor activities.

Not only will a spiral stair take up the least amount of room in your backyard, but it will also give your home a new updated design. Unlike a traditional straight deck stair, your spiral gives an older home a fresh new design. The clean lines fit well into any home design aesthetic.

With two outdoor spiral stair lines, Salter Spiral Stair has a durable deck stair solution for your home. The Powder Coated Aluminum spiral stair takes the already rust prohibitive aluminum stair frame and gives it a maintenance free powder coated finish in a custom color. Our Galvanized Steel spiral stair puts a carbon steel frame through a hot dipped galvanizing process that coats every part of the stair in a weather proof finish. Both of these options are long lasting designs that can enhance your backyard.

Durable Outdoor Stairs for Every Style

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Maintenance Free Finishes

Between the powder coating and galvanizing processes, all of our outdoor spiral stairs will have maintenance free finishes that will last through harsh weather conditions.


Customizable Designs

Our Powder Coated Aluminum spiral stair can be finished in custom colors to match any home. Salter spiral stairs also feature customizable handrails, spindles, and steps for your unique design.


Easy Installation

Our spiral stairs are easy to install, making them a great deck stair option for the DIY-er. They go together in an afternoon with the help of a spouse, friend, or neighbor!

Applications for Your Deck Stairs

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