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A Durable Stair Solution for Your Garage

Garages are a great place to find space you wouldn’t otherwise have in your home. If you choose to have a storage loft or a newly finished apartment above your car’s parking spot, you’ll need a way to access your space. Because garages are usually tight on space, a spiral stair with a small footprint is the perfect choice.

You don’t want to take away from any organization you have in your existing garage floor. This is especially important if you plan on keep your car’s parking space open on the bottom floor. A small spiral stair can easily be tucked into the corner of your garage. This not only maximizes the space on the lower floor, but also takes up minimal space on the upper level. Don’t let your garage stair take away all of the extra space you’re creating by finishing the second floor!

With heavy foot traffic and the different elements that make their way into your garage, you want a durable stair solution. Our interior stair lines, Classic Steel, Forged Iron, and Solid Wood, are just as durable as our outdoor products: Powder Coated Aluminum and Galvanized Steel. No matter what design you want for your garage, Salter Spiral Stair has a solution that will last.

Durable Stairs for Your Small Spaces

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Long Lasting Solutions

All Salter Spiral Stair products are made to last in different environments while providing a safe and stable means of access. You will never have to question the durability of your spiral stair.


Compact Designs

Don’t sacrifice valuable space in your garage for your staircase. Spiral stairs are known for their small footprints, meaning they can easily be tucked into a corner.


Easy Installation

Your Salter spiral stair can easily be installed in your garage in an afternoon. The stair goes together like a large erector set and can be assembled with the help of a friend or neighbor.

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