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Simple Solution Kit Stairs

Salter Spiral Stair has a number of spiral stair kits that can solve any of your home design problems in a convenient package. These no fuss designs are perfect for homeowners that want an easy stair solution for their home, whether it’s indoors or outdoors. Not only are Salter Spiral Stair kit stairs the answer to your home design questions, but they also come at reasonable prices.

Salter’s kit stairs will give you convenience and quality. The small footprint makes them an ideal space saving stair solution for any home. By taking up a small circle in your home, you can maximize the rest of your space. These convenient stairs are made with high quality and durable materials. Your kit stairs will hold up to everyday use in your home. We stand behind all of our stairs with a lifetime warranty on metal fabrication.

Your kit will consist of your handrail, landing platform, the individual steps, and the center column. These pieces make for an easy installation. The staircase’s steps will slide down over the center column like a large erector set. The steps are adjustable meaning you can fit your staircase into a range of spaces with different heights.

Convenience and Quality in One Package

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Easy Installation

Salter Spiral Stair kit stairs can be installed in one afternoon with the help of a friend or neighbor! With all of the parts fitting together like a large erector set, it’s a straight forward process.


No Fuss Designs

Our kit stairs are simple designs that get the job done. We don’t complicate your design, but rather let the durable stairs speak for themselves.


Simple Ordering Process

You can order your kit stairs today with one simple measurement. Once you have your floor to floor height call our stair experts and place your order.

Learn More About Your Spiral Stair Kit

Learn more about your spiral stair kit including different measurements and the installation process on our blog.

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