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Open Stairs to Enhance Your Home

Simplicity is a major trend in home design. Whether you live in a tiny house or want large open spaces, keeping your interior simple is the way to go. Many times beautiful open floor plans are interrupted by large bulky staircases. Spiral stairs are the perfect solution for homeowners looking for open stairs that don’t lack visual interest.

One of the benefits of open floorplans is the pass through of light and air. This helps your home, no matter what size it is, to feel larger. Spiral stairs keep their footprint to a small circle in your floorplan. This allows you to maximize the rest of your open space. By using a spiral staircase as your open stair, you won’t sacrifice any stability in the frame. Salter Spiral Stair ensures the structural integrity of every staircase, no matter the design.

Often times, simple open designs can be seen as boring. However, Salter Spiral Stair incorporates custom design options to make one of a kind open stairs for your home. You can choose to incorporate solid wood steps and handrails and decorative spindles to take the simple frame to the next level.

Simple Designs with Major Benefits

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Maximize Space

Spiral stairs are the perfect addition to an open floor plan. The footprint is kept to a small circle in your home making it appear and feel larger.


Customizable Designs

Salter Spiral Stair’s consultative designers are ready to help you design the perfect open stair design for your home. The customizable details make your simple design one of a kind!


Compact Stability

Open stairs don’t have to feel unsafe. All Salter spiral stairs are structurally sound and are backed by a lifetime warranty on metal fabrication. You can also incorporate additional safety features in your design.

Home Design Ideas for your Open Stairs

Open floorplans and lots of natural light has taken over the home design space with the emergence of minimalism. There are plenty of home design tips and tricks to ensure you create the perfect setting for your open stairs.

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