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Amazing Uses

Here are some highlights of the potential uses available with a Salter Spiral stair. Each use demonstrates the customizability in quality material available through our broad range of options.

Interior Stairs

Enhance your home's interior design aesthetic by installing a custom spiral stair.

Kit Stairs

Make home design easy with a simple kit staircase that looks like a custom design.

Loft Stairs

Spiral stairs can help you access your loft while maximizing the space in your home.

Mezzanine Stairs

Access your mezzanine with a safe and stable spiral staircase that maximizes your space.

Multi Family Stairs

Make the most of the space in your multi family home with compact spiral stairs.

Open Stairs

If you want an open floor plan, an open spiral staircase is the perfect complement.

OSHA Stairs

Salter Spiral Stair provides OSHA stairs that meet every safety standard.

Outdoor Stairs

Salter Spiral Stair provides durable and low maintenance designs that last through outdoor exposure.

Prefab Stairs

Salter Spiral Stair has the right prefab stair for you from quick fixes to long lasting solutions.

Residential Stairs

Our residential spirals can be customized to fit your space's design style and personality.

Roof Stairs

Find the perfect way to access this untapped potential of your roof with Salter Spiral Stair.

Space Saving Stairs

Space saving stairs are the perfect way to save some extra room without sacrificing design.