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Extend your Accessible Space

Whether you need roof access for utilities or you simply want to create a unique rooftop deck, opening up this space can add a lot of square footage to your overall space. It can be difficult to access your roof because of space limitations. Tight spaces often use small ladders that can be nerve wracking for many people to use. A spiral stair can help you to access this hard to reach space in a safe and durable way.

One of the biggest advantages to using a spiral stair as your roof access stair is the small footprint. A spiral stair builds on top of itself meaning it will only take up a small circle in your space. The spiral design also makes it easy to reach awkward entrances. This makes it a great solution for discreet roof access. Whether you plan to keep the access point completely outdoors or move from an interior space to the roof, a spiral stair will help you maximize your space.

Salter Spiral Stair can provide roof stairs that are durable and a great alternative to a thin ladder. Our Galvanized Steel and Powder Coated Aluminum spiral stairs both have maintenance free finishes, meaning you won’t have to worry about rust compromising your roof stairs.

Roof Stairs for Every Application

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Small Footprint

Often times, the space for roof stairs is limited. Don’t think you’re limited to a ladder. A spiral stair keeps its footprint to a small circle that fits into the corner or a tight space.


Access Every Space

The rotating design of a spiral stair helps you reach hard to access spaces, including rooftops. Your consultative designer can work with you to find the right access point for your space.


Durable Designs

Salter Spiral Stair uses durable materials that will last through harsh weather conditions and complete exposure to the outdoors. Your Salter spiral stair will always be structurally sound.

Spiral Stairs for Any Roof Access Spot

No matter how and where you plan to access your roof, we have the spiral stair for you. For some design inspiration and more information on our finishes, check out these articles.

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