Thank you for your interest in our Spiral Staircase Prices. In order to receive a free cost estimate and spiral stair design assistance please give us a call;



Monday – Thursday 8 am – 8 pm (EST)
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If you would like to request pricing instead, please call us or complete the price request form and include the answers to these questions below in the tell-us-about-your-project box. If you don’t know the answers to some of them, then don’t worry just submit what you do know and we will help you with them.

  • Do you need to meet building code?
  • What is your finished floor to floor height?
  • Is this an interior or exterior project?
  • Do you know which line of stair or material you would like prices for?
  • What diameter stair would you like? Any options on the stair? (Wood, Powder Coated Finish, etc?)
  • Is this stair coming off the face of loft/deck or is it a hole in the floor?
  • Do you need enclosure rail around the top of the stair?
  • The zip code and state it is being shipped to for a shipping cost with your pricing information.

Finally if you have a sketch/drawing or pictures of where the stair project will be you can e-mail and that will help our salesman do a custom layout for your project.
Salter Spiral Stair