Spiral Staircase Spindles

How to Choose the Right Spindle for Your Spiral Staircase

The vertical canvas of a stair is primarily defined by the spindles. What you see when you take a step back for a full view, that sight is composed mostly by the spindles. These upright rods provide a safe enclosure, to be sure, but they also act as an opportunity to show some creative expression. Spindles can easily act as a modernistic or classically ornate enclosure.

Knowing their function for safety and as a chance to be artistic, you’re then better armed to shop around for the perfect combination of style and material in your spindles. The options for spindles are varied, so you want to take the time to ensure you select the ideal look and something made with lasting quality.

Spindle Materials

An initial factor to take under consideration is what material do you want in a spindle? Something Wood? And if wood, then what species? Something light? Something dark? Something that takes a coat of paint well? Something that stains easily or finishes nicely?

Each species of wood will give you different advantages. Salter has the following woods in their line:


  • Red Oak
  • White Oak
  • American Cherry
  • Brazilian Cherry
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Hickory
  • Douglas Fir
  • Pine
  • Alder

for indoor, and:

  • Teak
  • Mahogany
  • Cedar

for outdoor.

Each of these woods have different grain, hardness, color, and durability properties, and more. So it doesn’t hurt to do a little research on your woods before you finalize that choice.

Outside of wood for your stair spindles, there’s also the option of different metals.

A range of metal options you may expect from a quality stair manufacturer includes:

  • Steel
  • Iron
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized Steel

Each of which also offer their own advantages to be mulled over before buying. This basic dual selection of materials, wood or metal, probably isn’t news to you. But just the act of really considering the specifics of each can give you a much more satisfying product in the end.

Classic or Modern

Following the train of thought generated by material selection, wood vs. metal, you’re then faced with the style selection phase—classical vs. modern. Remember, spindles are a great opportunity for expression. And the handcrafted feel of an ornately cut and shaped wood spindle highlighted by either bright blonde species or rich cherry species tones is a great way to accomplish that vintage feel. Or, accomplish that great vintage and old world feel with some intricately designed wrought iron. Metal can feel traditional as well.

Wood, other than with stain, finish, or paint, is pretty much the color of the material itself. But that’s more than likely what you’re after with a gorgeous wood. Iron offers the same approach—there’s something about its raw beauty.

If you want a cleaner look for a modern minimalist setting, then a metal spindle with a simple shape and finish is your best option. Or, to make that minimalism more whimsical, take advantage of the fact that metals lend themselves to creative custom finishes through either painting or powder coating more easily than woods.

Mix and Match

Sometimes the best aesthetic is not uniformity. You may find it dull and flat to look at a row of spindles that are all the exact some and decide it may be fun to mix it up a little bit.

With Salter’s forged iron spindles, you can select from various groupings of spindles that create a more textured and varied look to your stair to add depth and complexity to the overall aesthetic.

And again, wood can be cut to various shapes, so even if each spindle is similar, each spindle itself will possess a complex and textured look.

So if you seek a look that mixes it up a little perhaps wood or iron are your best options.

So ask yourself what conveniences and aesthetics are most important to you and come up with a combination that first comfortably within your budget in order to be the most happy with what you finally get.

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