Spiral Staircase Drawings & Designs

Planning Your Stairs

Any project where the end goal is revamping your space’s look, or you’re creating a look for the first time, the initial step should always be coming up with a solid plan, and that applies to stair design projects too. Only then will you have a solid idea of what you want and how it will look.

There are several factors to take under consideration for this before you can know what the final result will look like. In the case of spiral stair designs, those factors are automatically unique in form. But then again, that’s part of what you’re going with a spiral stair for your space—to have that unique shape define your space.

Once you know the basic shape of the addition and potential centerpiece, you can move on to the finer details. But before all that, perform the simple act of drawing it out, literally, on a piece of paper. Let your creative side flow during this phase. Where things will go, how they’ll be oriented around the centerpiece that is your spiral stair, everything that drawing entails. You’ll be much more pleased with the final product if you take the time.

Choosing Your Materials

One of the first questions you may want to ask yourself is what material you want to go with for your spiral stair. If this is an interior stair design, you have considerably more options. But you also have considerably more elements to figure out how they’ll all go together to form a thematic whole.

The simple choice between an industrial looking metal or a traditional looking wood immediately sets the tone for this space. Or maybe you want something that’s a hybrid of both and gives a more subtle note of both worlds. Or maybe you want an extreme version of one—all steel or all wood.

Work through that initial decision and the look your overall stair design creates, as a general tone and feel, before getting into finer points such as wood species or paint colors for the metal.

Configuring Your Design

After an overall material has been decided upon, you can move on to specific pieces of the stair. Do you want simple or ornate spindles? Open or closed tread risers? Maybe a couple of cutout patterns in these different pieces will be in order for your overall stair designs.

One thing you may not want to do, though, is make each component ornate. Play up some parts and down play others to create some striking focal points and contrast. Making every piece as ornate as possible might just be too much. Plus, it would make it much more difficult to match your stair to anything else that might be occupying this space.

So keep the ornateness to a simple level. This broadens your options and the scope of your theme.

A design element with such permanency and daily practical use as a spiral stair is worth the investment. It’s a permanent fixture of your home. That type of purchase warrants every consideration you can give. Once you give that due consideration, the resulting stair design is sure to offer a lasting beauty that reflects your personality and invigorates your space for a long time.

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