Building Code

Meeting Codes and Inspections

A spiral stair is a great way to ensure you satisfy the standards of any inspection while maintaining a unique and pleasing look for you home and stair. A spiral stairs geometric symmetry, accompanied by our application of refined engineering techniques and quality materials, make a Salter Spiral ideally suited for maintaining code and maintaining a personalized style. You and any local authority representative will be satisfied and wowed with the addition of a Salter Spiral in your home.

Configured to Your State

A Salter Spiral does not discriminate by location, either. Our range of options is broad and diverse enough to provide satisfaction both in terms of different code requirements and personal taste requirements no matter where you live. Finding the ideal configuration for your needs is also made easy through our one-one-one design consultations, where you see every design aspect of the stair before it’s built. Our designers not only know our options and can help you make the best selection for taste, they are also familiar with state-by-state codes, so they can guide you to make the right choice for code, too.

Brought to Your Doorstep

Besides ensuring code compliance in any state across North America, Salter also strives for convenience of access across North America as well. We will ship directly to your door or any other destination you prefer. This will allow you to get your stair and get it inspected in a more timely fashion in order to keep your project on track, so your valuable time can be more focused on enjoying your new spiral stair and less focused on worrying about how to get it. Salter’s design consultants are on standby to look up your location and do their best to work within your timeframe.

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