Galvanized Spiral Stairs

galvanized spiral stair exterior

Our Galvanized Exterior Spiral Stairs line is created by manufacturing the spiral staircase out of carbon steel. To prepare the stair for exterior use, we use a “hot-dipped galvanizing process”, which involves numerous steps to prepare the parts to be dipped into a vat of hot zinc. The zinc coats every inch of the staircase to form a protective barrier against the elements. This process creates a maintenance free barrier to prevent the spiral stair from rusting making it a great outdoor choice.

galvanized spiral stairs

If you prefer to have a color other than the grayish galvanizing finish you can paint your galvanized stair any color you would like by using the proper primer and finish paint. The galvanizing process increases the life of the paint and therefore decreases the number of times you have to re-paint your spiral staircase.

If you are looking for a cost efficient exterior spiral stair with the Salter design elements, look no further than our Galvanized Exterior line.


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galvanized exterior tread spiral stair

GT-1 Standard

Standard steel tread.

galvanized exterior tread spiral stair

GT-2 Curved Up

Curved Up steel tread. Provides a thinner profile.

galvanized exterior tread spiral stair

GT-4 Long Curved

Long Curved steel tread. Provides a graceful profile.

galvanized exterior tread spiral stair

GT-6 Code Riser

Code Riser steel tread.Code risers will maintain a space less than 4˝ between treads.

galvanized_tread_styles6 (2)

GT-8 Grated

Grated steel tread with closed end. Provides a more open profile that allows for “pass-through” of water. (Not available in a diamond pattern.)


galvanized exterior tread spiral stair

GTC-1. Diamond Pattern

steel tread provides a non-skid surface.


galvanized tread sleeves spiral stairs exterior outdoor

GTS-1. Standard

sleeves slide up and down on the center column. Each set of treads will fit a wide range of floor to floor heights.


GTS-2. Continuous

sleeves are custom cut to your riser height. This feature provides a smooth center column appearance. (Please furnish your exact floor to floor height.)


galvanized exterior spiral stair baluster
galvanized exterior baluster spiral stair

GBT-S. Standard

Baluster Tip. The baluster tip is formed and adjustable to maintain a smooth transition to the handrail. All holes are prepared for the installation.



GB-1. Classic

Steel Baluster 1˝ round, heavy wall tubing.



GB-2. Cage

Steel Baluster 1˝ round, heavy wall tubing.


exterior galvanized spiral stair cap

GH-1. Standard black vinyl

handrail – 1 1/2″ O.D. with end caps.


GH-2. Pre-formed Aluminum

handrail – 1 1/2″ O.D. with dome end caps.


Another consideration when purchasing a galvanized steel stair is railing for your deck or balcony. Railing is intended as a safety feature to protect people from falling, but it can be coordinated to match the stair railing and fit into your over-all style. Although you may choose a stair with a wide baluster spacing, the balusters on the balcony and deck railing are spaced at 4″ or less, which is what the national building code requires.

galvanized deck railing spiral stair
  • Available in straight sections only.
  • Strong 1″ x 1″ steel Frame.
  • Round steel balusters that match the balusters on the stair.
  • This railing system is pre-welded to the required lengths.
  • Optional, matching railing top 1 1/2″ Round Steel Top