Galvanized Spiral Stairs

Rugged and Durable Construction

The Benefits of a Galvanized Spiral Stair

Our Galvanized Exterior spiral stair is a durable cost-effective option for any outdoor application. The stair itself is a carbon steel frame that goes through a hot dipped galvanizing process to create a maintenance free metallic silver finish. This rust preventing finish is particularly popular in coastal areas. Many leave the galvanized finish in its natural state, but if you want a custom color your spiral stair can be painted after six months with the proper paint and primers. The galvanizing process creates a clean and sleek finish that lengthens the life of your stair.

Not only does our Galvanized Exterior stair stand up to the elements, but it also provides a safe and sturdy staircase for any exterior application. Our non-skid diamond plate and open grate treads ensure the safety of you and your guests while using your spiral stair. This stair provides a cost effective solution without losing the Salter Spiral quality.

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Industrial Modern Design

The Galvanized Exterior spiral stair has a metallic silver finish that is great for any industrial style home. The smooth lines and diamond plate treads are perfect for modern designs.


Functional Simplicity

When you’re looking for a simple way to access a lower level from your deck, the Galvanized Exterior stair is the perfect solution. The galvanizing process lengthens your stair’s life making it a cost effective option.

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