Installation Made Simple for You

Our goal is to make your spiral stair experience as pleasant as possible. From purchase to delivery and beyond. This is why we make the installation process for our stairs itself a simple one, because home construction or renovation projects can interrupt the flow of your daily life. You want to be able to move on with projects such as this and get to more important things. You want your stair on site and built quickly and easily. Salter understands this and has built a system with these facts in mind for you.

No Experience Required and Minimal Tools Needed

Not everyone has a construction background, so DIY projects should reflect that. We incorporate this knowledge into our stair build system. Any two average homeowners with zero background in construction can assemble our spiral stairs in the course of a weekend and move on to the next stage of a home project with ease. Better yet, this assembly can be done with a minimum of standard tools. Absolutely no specialty tools are required. So you’re already equipped to handle this project and have no further expenditures to worry about.

Assistance is a Call away

If ever you do feel you’ve encountered an issue during the installation process, please do not hesitate to contact our helpful customer support team. A representative specifically dedicated to your account with an intimate knowledge of your project and space will talk you through whatever the issue may be to ensure you have a flawless installation. We will be with you every step of the way. Your spiral stair purchase with Salter will be a pleasant experience defined by a simple installation and ready assistance at every turn.

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