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Why Should I choose an American Stair Manufacturer?

Being told to “buy local” or hearing such statements as “American Made” or “US Quality” sound like great confidence boosters when deciding on a domestic manufacturer for your staircase. But breaking down what such statements and claims really mean is the only way to know just what the nature and level of the quality of the stair you’re getting is, and if those statements mean anything significant to you as a consumer at all.

Several facts regarding quality, building regulations, knowing the history of your manufacture, and more are immediately implied by such a statement as “American Pride.” So it’s worth it to take the time to really break down what that means before you decide it should be part of your criteria for your spiral stair to purchase domestic.

Quality Regulations

An initial factor to consider when choosing to go with a stair manufacturer that operates in America is that you know that manufacturer has to follow a strict set of rules and regulations of quality and both in terms of structural design and material used.
American made stairs
This is especially the case if you can verify that your chosen stair manufacturer is a member of a professional association, and therefore, has to live up to the quality standards of that association. Not only do you know that manufacture has to live up to strict standards of quality, you can likely look up what those regulations are as most such associations make their standards available to the public.

Domestic Code

Code is another factor defined by specific rules that sometimes have to be followed to the letter. So, if you’re in a situation where the stair you buy has to satisfy code, then working with an American stair manufacturer is your only option as only they will manufacture stairs up to that code.

Working with a domestic manufacturer means working with a manufacturer that knows American stair code inside and out and possibly on a state-by-state basis. Working with a builder that already knows these codes will eliminate a lot of the hassle of providing specifications you would otherwise have to deal with.

A History of Quality

Working with a domestic stair manufacturer means working with a business that has a history. A history that’s likely easy to check into through either the satisfaction of previous clients. They also likely have other work that’s not too difficult to check into so you can see for yourself the quality of their work either via pictures on the internet or possibly even first hand.

The business is likely even family owned, which means the owners have a stronger investment in the business and the quality of the products they produce. There would also be an element of pride that’s been passed on for however many generations. Basically everything that’s likely to be entailed when a last name is attached to a product can be expected in the quality of the product.

Convenient Shipping

Another factor from which you’ll benefit if you select a domestic manufacturer is much more convenient shipping. Dealing with international shipping expenses can be a serious inconvenience in terms of added cost. Furthermore, having to wait for the time it takes to manufacture and ship something internationally can create a serious obstacle for accomplishing your project’s scheduling needs.

It’s not a simple matter of knowing that the foreign made stair is much farther away and on the other side of an ocean, so there are those shipping logistics to deal with, it’s a matter of not knowing the carriers and insurance that will be involved.

With a domestic manufacturer, you can inquire into exactly whom will be carrying your stair and what their insurance policies are, which will give you a lot more confidence in your purchase and overall ease of mind.

Open Communication

A further benefit from dealing with a domestic manufacturer for your stair is that maintaining regular communication with your manufacturer will be much easier. Not only because it’ll actually be easier to contact your manufacturer, but also because your manufacturer is likely to have a stronger understanding of your area and what you need beyond code. So they’ll be more ready and able to help you with suggestions and tips to help you get exactly what you want.

There are also less tangential issues to you as a consumer that you’re helping with. But nonetheless, they’re there. These do include such large scale issues as:

  • You’re Helping the Economy: buying domestic means keeping dollars circulating in the domestic economy
  • Creating Jobs: buying stairs made in American means helping employ American manufacturers
  • Contributing to Local Competition, and ergo, the quality of locally made stairs
  • Helping the Environment: American made and fabricated steel that would be used in the construction of stairs made in American is made from using a large percentage of recycled steel, American steel mills have a much lower emission rate than lead competitor foreign mills

These are points you have likely heard of with regards to most genuinely American made products regardless of the industry. But they still stand and are an intrinsic part of the statement “American made.”

All these points are worth keeping at top of mind whenever you see the boast “Made in American.” So you can understand what it truly means to you as a consumer and the product you’re about to invest in for your home and family.

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