How to Take Good Staircase Project Photos

Planning Your Stairs with Photos

The Value

One of the better favors you can do for yourself before beginning the spiral stair purchasing process is to take several solid photos of the space the stair will occupy. These don’t have to be professional photos, just solid photos that give a clear idea of the space’s dimensions, theme, and other aspects that are important for you and the stair designer you’ll be in contact with to know.

Still, to make sure everything goes smoothly on D-Day, there are several preparation steps you should cross off your list first. With these below measure taken under consideration, your installation process will be shorter and just more pleasant in general.

See the Stair in the Right Lighting

Having solid photos will accomplish several jobs for you. For instance, you’ll better be able to picture what your space looks like with full illumination, ergo, the manufacturer and designer you work with will better be able to help you picture how your stair will look with good lighting in your space. And good lighting is really the best circumstance under which to picture your stair.

To get a good shot of your space in good lighting, just introduce as many light sources (and as many natural light sources) as possible before taking your pictures. Don’t fret over details like angles. These aren’t professional shots for a modeling job submission. Just clear shots of a space. If the space is in mid-renovation and not that many light sources are available, then consider running an extension cord and a power strip to introduce some portable lighting sources. Whatever you can do to drive away the dark before getting those shots.

Gain a Perspective for Possible Changes

Photos such as these will provide you with a strong idea of any adjustments that need to be made to your space before the stair arrives. If your space is finished, you’ll know what objects to move to make more efficient use of space. If you’re trying to create a certain aesthetic, you’ll have a better idea of what kind of decorative items to purchase and add to complete the effect you’re striving to create. You may even be inspired to buy something simply by merit of the general outline of a blank space left between your stair and another large permanent object in the room.

If your space is mid-renovation or construction, you might even gain an idea for slight adjustments that need to be made before construction is finalized in order to better allocate for your spiral stair. So take the time to understand your physical dimensions in a way that involves more than just numbers/measurement units.

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