When Installation Day Comes for Your Spiral Stair

Stair Installation Preparation

After going through the whole process of selecting a stair manufacturer, designing a stair, and placing your order, it’s finally come to the day when it’s go time. You’re likely excited to get your spiral stair in place and get your project over and done with so you can move on to the next thing.

Still, to make sure everything goes smoothly on D-Day, there are several preparation steps you should cross off your list first. With these below measure taken under consideration, your installation process will be shorter and just more pleasant in general.

Preparing the Space

One of the first things you should have crossed off your list before that delivery truck arrives is preparing your space. That means a clean, cleared space with which to work. You’ll want a minimum of items other than your actual stair parts and what tools you need in the area.

Plus, just as with your home, office, or any other space where you dwell day-to-day, a cleaner work space is much more stress free. Eliminating stress before it has a chance to form will make the installation process a lot better for everyone involved. Plus, the fewer the materials present, the easier it will be to find what you need when you need it.

Plus, just for aesthetic judgement purposes, you’ll get a much better idea of what your final assembled product will look like in the room once any clutter is cleared. It’s a lot easier to picture any décor you plan on adding or designing you want to do later if you’re looking at a clean space than it is if you’re looking at a space in a state of disorder.

Helpers Present

Check ahead to make sure all of your helpers will definitely be able to show up that day. It shouldn’t take that many. But you’re project may require a few things be done at the same time as, around, or in conjunction with your spiral stair installation itself. If these things have to be done at the same time as, or close to, the installation itself, just make certain everyone’s schedule coincides. If they don’t all happen to coincide on the day the stair actually shows up, see if you can learn this ahead of time and schedule the stair assembly for a few days later than delivery.

This postponement may set your timetable back a little bit, but at least you can plan better if you know in advance and prioritize any other projects you’re doing accordingly.

Clear Path

Besides the space where you’ll actually be assembling the stair, you’ll also need to clear out a path between where your stair will be delivered and the space you’ll be taking it to. This clears any tripping hazard, plus you’re already set to go for when you clear away any packing materials and boxes after unpacking. And the real bottom line is that you’ll just be able to transport your stair from point A to point B just that much faster.

Tools on Hand

Another step you can take to help installation day go better for you is to have any tools you know you’ll need out and ready ahead of time. Arrange them in a spot where they’ll be easy to grab. If you’re not certain precisely which tools you’ll need, one simple step to take is to call your chosen spiral stair manufacturer ahead of time and ask. Your spiral stair should come with detailed instructions that include a list of the tools you’ll need, but it doesn’t hurt to take measures to have what you’ll need in advance so you can move the process forward just that much faster.

Phone Handy

Once you initiate the assembly process, things should go smoothly if you’ve taken all the proper preparatory steps. However, if you do encounter a hitch, then it helps to keep your phone handy so you can call your chosen spiral stair manufacturer’s customer support number.

Get a good feel for how helpful your chosen manufacturer’s support line really is during the purchase process. It also helps to establish a relationship with a particular representative during the purchase process, that way you have someone who knows your particular project and its specifics when you call the help line. Your questions will be answered a lot faster. Salter is ready to assist whenever you need during installation and more.

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