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Minimalism is a major recent trend in home design. Whether people are looking for a more open home or simply want to live a simpler lifestyle, minimalist design traits have made their way into most homes. The simplicity of the design makes homeowners see ladders and stark white rooms. However, there are plenty of minimalist designs that don’t sacrifice the livability in your home. Spiral stairs are a great choice for homeowners that want minimalist stairs but also don’t want to lose any basic home comforts.

Many homeowners may see a minimalist stair design and assume it’s not going to be safe or stable enough for everyday use. However, a spiral stair provides the stability and walking space that a traditional stair would have without the large bulky frame.

Salter Spiral Stair provides customizable stairs that can be designed to fit all of your minimalist specifications. By nature, a spiral stair will have a more open frame than most staircase designs. Our consultative designers can help you to take this open frame and take it to the next level with different spindles and step covers. Our Classic Steel spiral stair can also be powder coated for a custom color finish in a common minimalist color, such as black or white.

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steel spiral stair with wood

Classic Steel Spiral Stairs

Keep your minimalist staircase simple and affordable with a primed Classic Steel Spiral Stair. With open frames and basic color options, you can keep your space light.

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aluminum beach house stairs

Aluminum Spiral Stairs

Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor solutions, custom color Aluminum Spiral Stairs give a lightweight frame a maintenance free finish with style.

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galvanized outdoor spiral stair

Galvanized Spiral Stairs

Galvanized Steel Spiral Stairs give your space a sleek silver staircase that holds up in all conditions. Clean lines are paired with the simple frame for a minimalist design.

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Get quick and accurate pricing. Plus, our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget.


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