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Modern Stairs to Enhance Your Home

Modern homes are known for their clean lines and bright spaces. With a few pops of color, most of the interest in these spaces comes from textures and shapes in the furniture and accent pieces. Bulky traditional staircases can look out of place in a modern home. You need a way to access your second floor without interrupting your home design. A modern spiral staircase is the perfect solution for homeowners who are looking for modern stairs.

Spiral stairs naturally lend themselves to modern home designs because of their shape. Perfect circles and clean lines are a major characteristic in modern homes. Spiral stairs are kept to a small circle in your home letting you maximize your space while still adding accents to your overall space. The open frame also allows the pass through natural light which pairs well with the light modern décor.

Salter Spiral Stair provides customizable design that can fit into your specific modern home design. The clean lines of a spiral stair are complimented by customizable options. Our Classic Steel spiral stair can be powder coated a custom color to blend seamlessly into the rest of your home design as the perfect modern spiral staircase. If you choose to install an all metal staircase, you can work with our designers to add interest through our textured step options.

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steel spiral stair with wood

Classic Steel Spiral Stairs

A Classic Steel Spiral Stair’s affordable frames and clean color finishes are the perfect match for a modern aesthetic.

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aluminum beach house stairs

Aluminum Spiral Stairs

Complete your modern space with a lightweight and durable Aluminum Spiral Stair that features a custom color finish.

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galvanized outdoor spiral stair

Galvanized Spiral Stairs

These weatherproof staircases are perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings that are looking for a clean and simple style.

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Get quick and accurate pricing. Plus, our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget.


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