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Three Story Homes

In terms of residential structures, there are multiple styles of homes both multi and single that easily warrant the installation of a three story spiral stair. Particularly when it comes to exterior uses. These categories of homes can often be found in more metropolitan locations or suburban locations. Basically anywhere where homes are built with space saving techniques in mind. In some cases, these categories of homes are indicative of their area, a mark of the architecture that makes up the history and culture of their location.

Though started in England, Rowhomes are scattered from east to west in the US. From the intricate brownstone townhomes in NYC, to the Creole townhouses in the French Quarter of New Orleans with their colorful iron scrollwork, to the Georgian and Federal style architecture in the national landmark of Elfreth’s Alley in Philadelphia, to the gorgeous Painted Ladies in San Francisco, townhomes and the different methods with which they’re built are a staple everywhere. These homes can often and easily hit three or more stories, so a three story spiral stair or multi-story spiral stair can easily be justified and a great benefit. Especially for creating easy exterior access to balconies on all three levels.

Though not as common as duplexes, triplexes are not unheard of. They may be more popular in metropolitan areas throughout Canada (especially Montreal), but the US has its share of them as well. These shared three-floor homes are the perfect example of when to install a three story spiral stair. It would create much simpler exterior access from each floor for any purpose. Such a stair would give anyone on any of the three floors quick access to backyard recreational setups.

East Coast Triple Deckers:
Similar to triplexes, these New England staple styles of homes can be found throughout the Boston area. They are known for often having mirrored floor plans that include small decks/balconies. So connecting these balconies with a single three story spiral stair can make sense for several practical reasons that are both efficient and economical.

The Ocean City Residential Historic District:
A number of homes in this district are multi-story homes, often on stilts, which creates even greater height. The more traditional styles are often Colonial Revival with large bay windows, though a number of newer structures along the coast have a Mediterranean flair. But whatever the style, one factor that almost all of these homes have in common is large enclosed decks so families and tourists can sit outside and enjoy the sea air and sunrise over the nearby ocean. This is another example of a structure that is a perfect case for a three story spiral stair application. Such a multi-story spiral stair installation would provide much quicker access to all of the outdoor fun such as the shore and the boardwalk—which is really why anyone goes to America’s number one family destination city. And galvanized steel would be a great way to match the nautical theme and feel of the area too.

Three Story Commercial Needs

Aside from residential property needs, a three story spiral stair can also be imminently practical for commercial applications. Any large facility looking at the need for massive storage shelves or even multiple floors of office space in a building with a more open floor plan has immediate and obvious benefits to receive from a multi-story spiral stair. Mezzanine setups can span more than one story up.

Warehousing facilities that see a lot of goods pass through their doors and need to maintain multi-level shelving with walking space would be an excellent example of a practical application for an interior, multi-level spiral stair too. A single means of egress between all floors would be efficient and useful for managing stock and operations from day-to-day.


Domestic Code

Code is another factor defined by specific rules that sometimes have to be followed to the letter. So, if you’re in a situation where the stair you buy has to satisfy code, then working with an American manufacturer is your only option as only they will manufacture stairs up to that code.

Working with a domestic manufacturer means working with a manufacturer that knows American stair code inside and out and possibly on a state-by-state basis. Working with a builder that already knows these codes will eliminate a lot of the hassle of providing specifications you would otherwise have to deal with.

Three Story Public Facility Needs

Libraries and museums with floorplans that have spacious inner areas encompassed by exterior displays or bookshelves are another excellent example of when a tall, multi-story spiral stair can easily come into play and be quite effective. Patrons of any public facility such as a library, museum, a zoo, or anywhere with educational exhibits can have a much more pleasant experience and be much more likely to come back if they find it simple to navigate from one display to the next between floors. Especially with how large some buildings such as these can be.

Three Story Exterior Needs

Besides the previously mentioned exterior use of connecting several balconies in a multi-family home, a three story spiral stair can also satisfy several other exterior egress needs in order to promote both safety and convenience.

Fire Escapes:
Besides connecting stacked balconies or decks, multi-story spiral stairs can also act as effective fire escapes for multi-family homes. And their fire safety application doesn’t have to end with just residential properties. Multi-floor street-side businesses with alley access could certainly benefit from the security of a three story spiral stair installation.

Apartment Utility Access:
To further add to the practicality of a three story spiral stair installed to the exterior of a multi-story building, this is also a great way to create easy utility and roof access for maintenance workers. If you have a restaurant with several stories and you’d like to avoid utility workers having to walk across your floor in public view, then providing a means for a straight shot to the roof on the exterior is a great way to accomplish this. Being able to give maintenance crew access to utilities without them having to trek through several public spaces is certainly applicable to businesses besides restaurants, too. Essentially any category of business that brings customers in could benefit from something like this. Plus, in the event of a utility going out, like the electricity, it’s a lot easier to get things back up and running and business proceeding as usual if your provide quicker access to utility boxes.

Three Story Recreational Needs

Adventure Courses:
Adventure courses with high ropes and challenge courses or ziplines starting from high platforms definitely justify a three story spiral stair installation. Picture being able to connect several platforms at various heights with one simple means of going up and down. Or several stations in the course. Plus, these types of recreational courses are often built in the woods or other locations where space and surrounding obstacle and obstructions are difficult to work with. So a multi-story spiral stair with a strictly vertical footprint that’s space efficient would be especially useful for such an application.

Oceans offer an entrancing view and experience. Being able to climb to greater heights to catch a better angle of this view is very desirable. Building a high platform several stories up that is accessible via a multi-story spiral stair is a great way to attract more visitors to a particular point of a beach. People will go out of their way to climb such a spiral stair to catch a glimpse of your beach’s picturesque view and listen to the ocean waves caressing the shore rhythmically. So a three story spiral stair can turn any point on a beach into a tourist hot spot.

Three Story Code Concerns

One factor to keep in mind in the case of three story spiral stairs is that any spiral stair exceeding a height of 144” (12 ft.) is required to have a mid-rest platform. This will essentially look like an extra wide tread. The purpose is for people walking up and down the stairs to be able to stop and catch their breath if needed before finishing the climb or descent. So whatever your multi-story spiral stair application, please keep that in mind during the planning stage. Also, consult with your local building code authority as these code requirements vary from state to state.

Clearly there are more excellent applications out there for a three story spiral stair. And if the stair needs also demand space efficiency without sacrificing structural rigidity, then the need is just that much greater. If you’ve identified a location that’s perfect for just such a spiral stair, Salter would be more than happy to work with you through a helpful consultative process directing you toward the best possible spiral stair for your needs.

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