How Long Will it Take to Install a Staircase?

Figuring Out Your Stair Timetable

When you initiate any major renovation or new build project in your home, there’s one thing you definitely want to keep track of—how long is it going to take? While the end result is rewarding, being in the middle of a project, whether you’re carrying it out yourself or paying someone else for the labor, is always an inconvenience to your day-to-day life. You want the project done right, but you want to make sure things move along too.

One important factor in keeping things moving successfully is managing all individual factors to a bigger project. That includes knowing when items will be shipped to you, if you’re expecting or relying on any shipments.

You may not be able to control how fast an item ships once in transit, but one thing you do have control over is how soon you order it. You also have control over whom you choose to ship your stair.

Are You Working with a Contractor or Other Third Party?

Keep in mind that while ordering your spiral stair as soon as possible is usually your best option for keeping your time table moving and reducing the inconvenience of projects mid-process in your home, this is not always the best answer to your timetable needs.

Are you relying on someone else to install your stair? Either to help you or do it for you entirely? Well, if you order the stair months before either of these things can occur and the stair is delivered then you’re stuck with a storage problem/the question of where to stash the stair until your third party is available to help. The best approach is to figure out how long it will take your chosen manufacturer to deliver your stair by contacting them directly and then figuring out when your third party will be available to help. Then order your stair accordingly so these two dates coincide as closely as possible. A stair laying around for an extended period of time can be almost as much of an inconvenience as a project mid-process in the middle of your home. Space is valuable, so try to get the timing down.

Do You Have Any Peripheral Projects Going on?

You also need to factor in any secondary or parallel projects taking place in your home. What is the timetable for all of these? What takes priority? Not everything can happen at the same time. It’s important to work out a detailed list that marks down when everything needs to happen and in what order so you can pick a date to set aside specifically for your spiral stair installation and for ordering it.

Plus a checklist will give you much more confidence in the progression of things just because you’ll be able to physically mark things off as you go and have a visual for how things need to move around as needed.

How Large Is Your Stair?

When working out your timetable you should also take under consideration the physical aspects of your spiral stair. These factors determine how long the stair will take to manufacture. And one obvious aspect of a stair is the physical size. How tall is it? How wide is the diameter? The greater the size in all parameters the longer it is likely to take to build. So keep that in kind. If you know you’re going to need a larger stair, you know you need to place your order sooner rather than later.

How Customized Is Your Stair?

One factor to keep in mind in the case of three story spiral stairs is that any spiral stair exceeding a height of 144” (12 ft.) is required to have a mid-rest platform. This will essentially look like an extra wide tread. The purpose is for people walking up and down the stairs to be able to stop and catch their breath if needed before finishing the climb or descent. So whatever your multi-story spiral stair application, please keep that in mind during the planning stage. Also, consult with your local building code authority as these code requirements vary from state to state.

Do You Know What the Weather Will Be Like?

One thing you can’t really control, but you can at least try to predict or research, is what the weather will be like the day your stair is supposed to arrive. If your project is an indoor one it’s a non-issue, but if it’s an outdoor one then you can easily run into problems if you don’t find out first.

Leave a little wiggle room in your schedule to account for bad weather and see what you can move onto if you do have other projects going on so things don’t slow down overall.

Be Flexible

Of everything you can do, one of the most important things is to remain flexible. Even if you time the arrival of your spiral stair exactly according to your original plan, you may find that you have other peripheral or parallel plans that suddenly need to take precedence in order for your home renovations to go well overall.

So leave room for things to move around in your schedule as needed and be willing to go with the flow at times.

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