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Custom Spiral Stairs

If you have a home or office with a unique atmosphere then an equally unique staircase is the only way to go for your stair needs. Salter Spiral Stair’s custom design process and in-house engineers allow you to create a stair down to the last baluster that reflects your vision and stands out as an unforgettable showpiece. A custom stair does more that connect levels, it ensures a lasting impact on anyone whom visits your home or office for a while to come.

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Urban Stairs

Match your metropolitan décor and setting with a smart looking, urban design from Salter Spiral Stair. Our range of sleek, configurable options in our steel stair line makes it a simple matter for you to design the ideal stair. So finding something to suit your uptown apartment, warehouse apartment, or other cosmopolitan location while expressing your unique flavor of urbanite and socialite comes easy.

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Minimalist Staircases

Maintaining a decorative theme that epitomizes “less is more” while adding additional structural elements to the space can be difficult. With a simple steel spiral stair from Salter, accomplishing this is much easier. Our steel and other stair lines come with such options as open tread ends to achieve that open-air look vital to minimalist. Plus, Salter’s professional Stair Designers will work with you to ensure the stair’s overall dimensions suit your space perfectly so there’s no excess.

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Industrial Stairs

Achieving an industrial look in a non-industrial setting is a trendy approach right now. But since the setting itself isn’t industrial, that means incorporating a lot of décor elements with the right look of raw metal. Small décor items on their own just aren’t enough to accomplish this. Incorporating an entire structural element such as a galvanized spiral staircase with that look of raw, exposed steel and grated treads is the perfect way to tie together this otherwise difficult theme to pull off.

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Modern Contemporary Staircases

Heighten the contemporary appeal of your home with a sleek and slim steel spiral staircase. Our Classic Steel line with wood tread covers and handrails offers just the right combination and contrast of colors and materials to suit any modern setting. Plus, you can select from any color on the Pantone match system to paint your primed stair and from any one of over a dozen wood species for your treads and handrails, making you combination wholly unique and wholly you.

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Victorian Staircases

Capturing that old-world-classic Victorian elegance right in your own living room or office is easy to do with our line of Forged Iron stairs. This stair line comes with multiple options for both the balusters and tread risers, each detailed and ornate in their own way. Plus, you can add that touch of rich color by selecting Brazilian cherry or one of our other richly toned wood species. There’s very little that can match the look of one of our iron stairs in terms of generating the type of class that seems like it’s from another era.

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Farmhouse Staircases

Rustic country charm is a desirable look for many homeowners. Completing this look in your own is much simpler with one of our Solid Wood spiral staircases made from your choice of over a dozen woods species. Zero visible hardware means you get a truly all-wood look, so your farmhouse or other rustic theme looks and feels genuine down to the finest of details. Multiple cut and design options for your treads and balusters also allow you to add a unique touch to your rustic setting.

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