Space-Saving Hacks For Tiny Homes

Many homeowners struggle with trying to find more space in their small homes. Additions can be expensive and time consuming and renovations can interrupt your day to day life in the house. There are plenty of design tips and tricks to give the illusion of a larger home without any of the added hassle!
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Keep Wall Colors Light

One of the easiest ways to create the illusion of a large space is to keep the wall colors light. By avoiding darker colors, it opens up your space and helps it to feel more open and airy. Lighter wall colors reflect any natural light coming into the room and don’t feel as heavy as darker colors. A lot of people think that light wall colors must mean white. However, this isn’t the case! You can use colors that are saturated with colors in lighter tones, such as greys and yellows. For different visual elements, look at the different finishes and decide on the best one for your home. Eggshell and satin finishes are great for light reflection.
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Use Mirrors to Expand Space

Mirrors are a common piece used in small space decorating. Strategic placement can fill your space with light and elongate your room. The extra reflection of light helps it to completely fill the space making it appear larger. Mirrors also add depth to your space and can be used as focal points in your small home. When it comes to mirror design, look for architectural mirrors that are art pieces on their own. You don’t want to use a basic square mirror that can quickly look dated and age your home’s décor. Frames create a unique mirror design. If you want a large centerpiece for your room, use an oversized floor mirror with a decorative frame. Lean it against a wall in a strategic location for a new room design. staircase

Replace a Large Bulky Staircase

One project can add square footage to your home’s floorplan without any major renovation or addition. If you have a traditional straight staircase in your home, you know that the frame can quickly become large and bulky. A space saving stair option is a spiral staircase. Spiral staircases keep the full steps of a traditional staircase and puts them in a compact design that fits into any home. Because of the spiral design, the stair builds on top of itself rather than extending out into your home. This keeps the footprint to a small circle in your home. You can make it a unique centerpiece in your new open floorplan or tuck it into a corner to maximize your newly found space.
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Use Double Duty Furniture

Multifunctional furniture is a great way to create space in a small home. These pieces take up the space of one piece, such as a single couch or ottoman, but they can be used in several ways. This help you to have all of the pieces you want in your small home without overwhelming the space. A common design is a storage ottoman. This is ideal for small spaces because it provides seating and storage in one small piece of furniture. Both of these things are at a premium when you’re looking to make the most of your space.
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Keep Windows Open

Because natural light is such a large part of home décor and making your home feel larger, there’s been a push in design trends to do away with window treatments all together. This allows the maximum amount of light into your home. If you still want some privacy and want some sort of cover on your window, a minimalist roman shade is a simple way to cover it. However, if you have the space available around your window, you can elongate the room with strategic curtain rod and fabric choices. Install your curtain rod a little above the actual frame and use curtains that reach the ground. This draws the eye up and creates the illusion of tall walls and high ceilings.
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Frame Your Room

It may seem counter intuitive to add things to your walls to make them feel bigger, but crown molding can go a long way to make your ceiling seem higher. However, adding a bold design at the top of your wall draws the eye up and creates the illusion of taller walls. To create a seamless transition, you can paint the molding the same color as your wall which extends the line even further. Molding isn’t limited to your walls and ceilings. To create the illusion of a larger open doorway, add crown molding around the doorway. This makes the doorway appear larger and in turn extends your room.
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Consistency is Key

Make your home feel like one cohesive design style for the appearance of larger space. Rather than creating small disjointed spaces, create one larger space that’s all connected. Design your home’s interior as if it is one large open floor plan. The flow of the design is created by the furniture used in each room rather than the different styles. Keeping the idea of neutrals throughout the entire home calms your space. Small homes can easily be overwhelmed by designs that are too busy. Calm your entire home’s design style by keeping it consistent.
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Display Your Storage

Small homes are always looking for more storage space in their home. It can be hard to know where you want to store things without cluttering your home. Consider investing in decorative storage solutions, such as baskets and patterned boxes. These keep things hidden, but organized and clutter free in your newly decorated space. Another decorative storage option is open shelving. This design has become very popular with the recent minimalist style trends. It allows you to display your collections in an organized way. For an added design element, you can color code your items. This adds another layer of organization to your display.
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Don’t Forget the Ceiling

A lot of homeowners stop their painting where the wall meets the ceiling. Don’t limit your room’s design by ignoring a large part of your room. Decorated ceiling are trendy and can help make the room feel larger. Light colors are great for ceilings in small spaces. Avoid a stark white and harsh lines. The softer neutrals that were mentioned earlier are great choices to topping off your room. There’s some back and forth when it comes to what kind of finish to use on your ceiling. A glossy finish reflects light back into the room making it feel larger. On the other hand, a matte finish helps the ceiling to blend into the rest of the room and takes the focus away from its low height.
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Keep Doorways Open

Airflow through your home helps it to feel open and light. One major way to help keep your space as open as possible to keep most of your doorways open. Without doors, your rooms won’t feel so closed off from the rest of your home. If you don’t want to completely let go of a solid door, there are different door designs that can still keep your home open and feeling larger. Pocket doors are the perfect way to have a door that still keeps it open. You can still have the privacy a door provides when it’s closed, but it disappears into the wall when not in use.
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Lift Your Furniture

Making your home feel larger has a lot to do with negative space. Empty spaces helps give the illusion of extra room no matter where it may be. Choose furniture that has exposed legs and open space underneath them. For instance, instead of a traditional couch with a solid base, choose one with wooden legs. Keeping the bottom open allows light to pass through and keeps your room looking larger than it really is.
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Consider Transparent Tables

Minimalist design styles have caused glass and acrylic surfaces to surge in popularity. Not only do they have simple frames, but they also allow the complete pass through of light. There’s a wide range of styles and materials to fit whatever budget you may have for your new design. These clear tables can be used as a side table, coffee table, or as a console on the side of your room.
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Use the Space in Your Walls

Don’t think you’re design has to be kept to just the open floor space. Utilize all of your space and different designs to create the illusion of more space. Built-in storage solutions are a great way to not only create space in your home, but also give your room a custom built look. To truly maximize your space, sink the shelves into your wall and take them off the floor completely. Keep the shelves in a floor to ceiling design to create the illusion of taller walls and draw the eye upwards.
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Give the Eye a Focal Point

A great way to trick the eye into thinking the space is bigger is to give it one large item to focus on. This can be a giant mirror, a large piece of artwork, or even a fireplace. This statement piece gives your design something to build around and helps the eye to organize the space. You don’t have to build a completely new addition or remodel a room in to create space in your home. Simple updates to your home’s design and décor can help to open up your home’s floorplan and make it feel and look larger. If a space saving spiral stair is the right choice for your small home, call one of our consultative designers to start your project!

10 Ways to Create Space in Your Backyard

When homes get smaller, their backyards usually shrink with them. We’ve taken the top 10 tips for a small backyard design and broken them down here. You can use only one or combine different designs ideas to create space in your small backyard and create the space of your dreams! Under Deck Patio

1. Use Previously Empty Space

One of the best ways to create space is to simply use space that you hadn’t used before. This may seem obvious, but there are plenty of places that many homeowners forget about when designing their backyards, decks, and patios. If you plan to do a lot of outdoor entertaining, you may want more finished spaces in your smaller backyard. There are plenty of designs for small backyards that maximize your outdoor entertaining space. One of the most popular is to utilize the space underneath a second floor deck. Under deck patios provide double the amount of finished platforms that can be used for backyard parties. These open areas aren’t just limited to outdoor entertaining functions. If you simply want more storage, there are plenty of ways to incorporate it into the design for your small backyard. If you want to close off the open space underneath your deck, you can create an under deck storage shed. This is the perfect way to keep your structure’s footprint small, but still getting the maximum amount of storage. If you don’t want to take up your entire under deck area for storage, you can create a unique design with in deck storage. Similar to the hidden storage design of trap door storage, you make a small compartment that sinks down below your deck boards.
Small Backyard Pathway
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2. Create a Flow of Traffic

Just like an interior space, creating a flow of traffic can help your backyard to feel larger and less cluttered. Clear organization of your space cuts down on clutter and maximizes your space efficiently. Depending upon how you plan to use your backyard, there are several ways to direct your flow of traffic. Zoning is a major part of the organization of any space. In interior spaces, it’s determined by the furnishings used. The same can be said for small backyard designs. One of the easiest ways to zone your backyard space is to have a finished platform, such as a deck or patio, and open green space. This natural separation creates different areas in your backyard with different functions. To create a clean flow of traffic from each zone, finished walkways through your backyard is an easy DIY small backyard idea. You can create the pathway that will best fit your home design and lifestyle. Whether you decide to have a finished brick path or have individual pavers in your grass, you will give your guests a clear walkway from section to section in your backyard. James_K_Lindley_Salter Spiral-84416

3. Update Your Deck Stairs

If you have a raised deck design, you may want to create an efficient flow of traffic by installing a deck stair. Deck stairs come in a wide range of designs depending upon your home’s design style and how you want to utilize your outdoor space. Traditional deck stairs are the most recognized stair design when it comes to backyards. These stairs are the same design that you would typically find in a home’s interior design. These stairs are usually an all wood design and extend out from the face of your deck into your backyard. However, these stairs do have some drawbacks. The biggest problem with a traditional deck stair in a small backyard is the large footprint. A typical traditional staircase with that will access an 8’ tall deck will extend approximately 9’ into your backyard.

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Optimize Your Backyard Sapce

Make the best use of your backyard by contacting one of our expert designers to walk you through every step of the stair purchasing process. Request a consultation, or contact us directly at 1-800-368-8280.

A spiral staircase is an ideal design for small backyards. The spiral design keeps the staircase’s footprint to a small circle in your backyard. The maintenance free designs of an Exterior Galvanized spiral stair and a Powder Coated Aluminum spiral stair are ideal for homeowners that want to maximize their small backyard without the added stress of upkeep.
deck conversation pit
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4. Incorporate Built In Pieces

Not only do built in pieces create one of a kind designs for your small backyards, but they also maximize your available space. Take advantage of your current backyard structure by incorporating any seating or surfaces directly into the design. This opens up the rest of the structure for other design accents to complement the one of a kind structure. One popular way to incorporate your seating into the existing deck or patio is to build a sunken conversation pit style bench. This unique design is perfect for a raised deck that has some extra space underneath the structure. It creates a truly communal space that promotes conversation and togetherness. If you want to incorporate a built in piece right into your backyard, in ground fire pits are popular DIY small backyard ideas. This weekend project creates a unique space that will be the central focus of any backyard party. While it may seem like an intimidating project, you can easily complete it with the help of a friend or neighbor!
lattic panels
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5. Utilize Vertical Landscaping

One common staple of small space decorating is to build up, not out. The same principle applies to your backyard landscaping. If you have limited space in your backyard, it can be difficult to find the balance between finished and paved space and keeping the space green and full of life. Vertical landscaping is a new development to add green to your space without taking away any of your deck or patio. Green walls are popular in both indoor and outdoor spaces. These panels have the soil incorporate right into the frame to create a moveable garden that has a very minimal footprint. This is perfect for small backyards that may have close neighbors. You can use your green walls to add color to your backyard, as well as provide privacy. For a simpler vertical landscaping design, you can use a lattice panel with climbing plants. With a wide range of options for your plants, you create a unique garden that will take up no space that you would use for outdoor entertaining. While these may take a little longer to fill out than a green wall, they are a great DIY project for a small backyard.
cooler in table
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6. Multifunctional Pieces Maximize Space

Multifunctional pieces have been used to maximize small spaces. With the emergence of tiny homes and the growing popularity of city micro apartments, multifunctional furniture has come a long way from a futon. These standard indoor designs have been altered to fit into your outdoor spaces. Built in benches, like the ones previously mentioned, have started to be altered to multitask as storage units as well. By adding hinges to the actual seat of the bench, you are able to lift the top to show a space for outdoor cushions and backyard games when they are not in use. Another popular way to incorporate double duty furniture in your backyard is to install a cooler in the middle of your outdoor dining table. This popular DIY project is perfect for those that plan to do a lot of outdoor entertaining with their space. BY incorporating the cooler into the table, you’re taking it off of the deck floor and opening up that space for more seating or just removing clutter.
tiered backyard
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7. Create a Tiered Backyard

While some backyards may not be small, their usable space can be limited. This is a typical problem when it comes to sloped backyards. Even if there is plenty of room, a steep slope may seem like it makes your backyard unusable. There are several different ways to design a solution into your space. If you don’t want to have the cost and stress of leveling your entire backyard, a tiered garden can help you use the slope to your advantage. By utilizing the small platforms, not only are you using the slope in a creative way, but you’re also creating natural retaining walls. This is perfect for homeowners that may have an outdoor entertaining space at the bottom of the hill. You can use these small terraces as smaller levels for entertaining, as well. By installing steps between each level, you can safely access the different spaces and not have to let go of any of that space. You can separate them with small walls and use pavers to create a flat stable surface on the slope.
circular patio
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8. Play with Shapes

When you’re trying to make the most of a small space, don’t be afraid to use unconventional shapes in your designs. A standard square or rectangle may not always be the best design for your small backyard. Experiment with different blueprints and layouts to find the best fit for your home design. Circular designs are a unique way to have a finished platform without taking over your entire backyard. By cutting off the corners of a standard square deck, you can keep some green space and keep your finished deck or patio. Don’t feel like you have to organize furniture or lay your patio in a standard direction either. If you decide to design your backyard on a diagonal, you can trick the eye into seeing a larger space. Sometimes you may not need to create physical space, but rather give off the feeling of a bigger space.
focal point fire pit
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9. Focal Points in your Design

Another way to create the illusion of a larger backyard is to incorporate focal points into your backyard design. These focal points create a center focus and helps ease any visual clutter. It also gives you something to build the rest of the design for a small backyard. A popular centerpiece is a backyard fire pit. Not only can you customize a built in design, like the one mentioned above, but you can easily buy a standalone design as well. You can either have an all stone design or use a metal frame from an industrial rustic design. They’re also a popular option due to their long term use that extends beyond the summer. Use the fire pit as the center of a small circular layout for your backyard seating. Water features are another common visual centerpiece in backyards. They add a touch of luxury to an otherwise simple backyard design. They’re commonly found in backyard gardens that are filled with large flowering plants and iron benches or as the centerpiece to an ornately designed English garden.
simple dining area
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10. Embrace Simplicity

The best way to make the most of a small backyard is to embrace the simplicity of design. You don’t have to completely fill a space to maximize its use. Prioritize the different applications for your small backyard and pick your furnishings from there. Once you’ve decided on how you want to use your space, choose simple furniture that’s proportionate to your space. This means larger, but fewer pieces. A lot of homeowners make the mistake of buy lots of smaller items. This makes your small backyard feel cluttered. You don’t have to pack everything you could possible want into one backyard space. Don’t feel limited by a small backyard! There are plenty of ways to create a beautiful space without a ton of square footage. These clever tips are the perfect way to create space using designs for small backyards. If a spiral stair is the right way to create space in your outdoor space, give one of our consultative designers a call to start your project!

Hidden Storage Ideas & Designs

kitchen hidden storage
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Kitchen Hidden Storage

Most kitchens have built in storage between the shelves and cabinets. Common designs have cabinets and open shelving, but you may not want to display all of your belongings at all times. If you have company coming over, or just want a hidden way to store extra kitchen items, there are small nooks hidden all over the room! If you have limited space, a slide out pantry is the perfect solution. A thin vertical drawer that holds herbs and spices can easily fit between the fridge and counter, or you can have a wider drawer that holds boxes and cans that you would typically find in a pantry. This keeps your items easily accessible, but cleverly hidden in a smaller space. Another kitchen cabinet modification idea is to add more vertical storage space. The space between a standard cabinet and the ceiling is typically unused. By adding in another cabinet, you are able to store things without having them on display in an open space. If you want to keep the space a little more open than a solid cabinet, the addition of a frosted glass panel can break up the dark wood. If you have an island as the centerpiece to your kitchen, consider using any empty space at the base as storage. Installing drawers in the baseboards is one way to hide the extra storage space. For some truly hidden storage, consider remodeling your range hood over your stove. This can be a DIY design that extends the range hood out to create a large space in front of the actual hardware. For some temporary hidden storage, your oven is an option. If your guests are coming soon and you need to hide some cookware, your oven is a no brainer. It’s out of the way and in a place where guests aren’t going to be looking. It’s also the perfect place to get hot pots off of the counter. They can cool without risking anyone burning their hands.
trapdoor stair
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Living Room Hidden Storage

Your living room has ample opportunities for hidden storage spaces. The one thing that’s in every family room is either a couch or bench. This can easily be transformed into a multifunctional piece with hidden storage for extra blankets, movies, and pillows. Benches and couches with hinged cushions create a trunk like space for bulky blankets and pillows. If you have a wooden bench, you can always add cushions and a slipcover. This would be a better option for items that aren’t commonly used. If you want a place to store your DVDS without using bookshelves, consider installing drawers underneath your couch frame. This is space that is probably being unused and is out of the way. While it may not be completely hidden, it is definitely out of plain sight. If you want to keep your storage a little more hidden, a pop out coffee table is the perfect place for small items, such as remotes and books. If you want more storage in your coffee table, consider using hinges to create a trunk. Old trunks are a trendy rustic option for those looking for extra storage in their coffee table. Many homeowners use their living room as a gathering place with large entertainment systems. This means lots of wires, electronics, and mess. A technology closet is a great way to hide the tangle of wires. If you don’t want to draw attention to the closet with a traditional door, a mirror or piece of framed art is a great cover. It can be fastened to the wall so it can be swung open like a door. This is also a popular place to hide safes and valuables, such as jewelry. If you have a wireless router on a shelf in your living room, consider hiding it behind false books. This is an easy DIY project that can really change the look of your shelves. Cut the spines off of old hard cover and attach them to the front of a basic wooden frame. This leave a small nook that’s the perfect size for your wireless router. Your staircase is another great place to have a hidden storage space. The cupboard under the stairs is a normal storage spot, particularly in old homes. However, you can make the door blend into the space with strategically placed molding. Another stair storage option is to have a modified false step design. You can either hinge the treads to create small trunks or use drawers as the base of each step. Not only does this save space, but it also hides the eyesores that are usually left at the bottom of the stairs, such as shoes and toys. If your staircase has a landing, consider a trap door style storage space. This creates a completely hidden space that can hold bigger items like extra duvets and pillows for a guest room.
Bedroom Hidden Storage Ideas
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Bedroom Hidden Storage

Many homeowners want their bedroom to be a place of calmness and order. It’s hard to feel at peace when your room is cluttered and overrun with stuff. Hidden storage can help you feel more organized and calmer. A headboard with built in drawers and shelves is one way to take the clutter off of your floor. Under bed storage is a common form of hidden storage. It takes the same idea as the drawers under your couch and applies to your bedroom. There are the standard storage bags and large containers that are made to fit under your bed. However, you can have truly hidden storage by using a hinged mattress. By utilizing this small space organization tip, you can have a hidden space at the center of your bedframe that can also utilize storage. If you want some extreme under the bed storage, you can raise the floor around your bed to create many different trap door storage opportunities. By doing this, you’re not only creating a very large hidden storage space, but you can also sink the bed into the platform to create a cozier feel. These spaces can hold everything from extra bedding to out of season clothing.
Bathroom Hidden Storage
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Bathroom Hidden Storage

While it may seem like your storage options for a bathroom are limited to open shelves and medicine cabinets, there are a few unexpected hidden storage ideas. The most unexpected design is a hinged bathtub frame. This is probably one of the most clever hidden storage spaces. The design uses the basic bowl of the bathtub and creates the square frame around it using tilt out drawers. This is the perfect place for cleaning supplies and frees up space under the sink or in a hall closet. You can use this design and apply it to your bathroom counter as well. Many counters feature false drawers above their cabinets. Create a tilt out drawer that can hold hair styling tools or makeup, freeing up a traditional drawer. You can also create a tilt out hamper to keep your bathroom clean and organized. If your bathroom features a half wall at the end of your bath or small nooks where the wall juts out, you have the perfect place for pull out shelving. This is the same design as the small pantry in the kitchen, but repurposed for the space! If you don’t have room for a bathroom closet, this can be a place for extra toilet paper or other supplies you need in your bathroom. This can also be used as a pull out towel rack. This is creating space by using the inside of your home’s walls.

Hidden Rooms

You don’t have to limit your hidden storage to small spaces. If you have the space, hidden rooms can be a great addition. Not only does it give you the storage space you want, but you get that square footage without sacrificing a full basement or your garage. The first type of hidden rooms are ones that are on the same level and simple have secret entries. This can be part of a walk through closet or hidden behind a built in bookshelf. The more complicated designs feature hidden rooms that are on another floor. Popular designs for hidden rooms feature wine cellars. These rooms have a trap door style entry and often lead down to the basement. If you’re a wine collector, or just an avid wine drinker, this frees up space in your kitchen that would otherwise be taken up by bottles. Another multi-level hidden storage option is a storage loft. These are typically tucked into the back end of a house and create square footage with a lofted space. If you choose a multi-floor design, you’ll need to access that space. A ladder is a popular option because it has the smallest footprint of all the options. However, it’s often times not stable and it’s difficult to carry things up and down your ladder. A spiral stair can solve these issues for you. They have a small footprint and can be maneuvered to fit your space. If your home doesn’t have a garage or basement, you may feel like your options are limited when it comes to storage. While open shelving is a popular design trend, you may not want to display all of your belongings throughout your house. These hidden storage ideas can be as small as a compartment in your coffee table and as involved as a storage loft! With a little cleverness, you can find storage solutions anywhere in your home.

Multifunctional Furniture for Small Spaces

Furniture designs have become more innovative to accommodate small living spaces. Your furniture can multitask within your space as well. Multifunctional furniture has become the standard in home design. With so many options, it’s hard to know which one is right for your space. This blog outlines some of the most common options for multifunctional furniture for small spaces, with some incredible innovations mixed in.

Multi Use Sofas

multi use sofa
Photo by: Vurni
Starting at the classic design of the sofa bed, couches have always been the most common pieces of double duty furniture. Pull out sofa beds has been a staple in living rooms since the 80’s when futons made their first appearance. These simple designs are ideal for small spaces. Studio apartment typically take advantage of these couch-bed hybrids. Futons, daybeds, and pullout couches all have the same advantage of looking like a sofa during the day and easily transitioning into a bed when needed. The most recognizable futon design features a basic metal frame with a cheap thin mattress pad. However, there are more stylish options that are cheaper than the other two options. Wooden frame futons have a more polished look and hold more substantial mattresses. Your multi use sofas aren’t limited to sofa beds. Modular sofas are a great option for those who want flexible seating. Unlike a typical sectional, you can move the extra sections as needed for different seating arrangements. For a truly innovative design, you can look for a piece similar to the one pictured here. It breaks down into a couch, chaise lounge, and a chair. This takes the total number of seats from 3 to 6. If you don’t need the extra seats, you can put all of the pieces together for a comfortable sofa with armrests.

Hidden Tables

wall mount table
Photo by: Trend Hunter
Your couch may seem like a fine place to eat and do work, but you’ll quickly realize the importance of a table when you have company over. There’s no denying that a table will take up room in your small home. However, you don’t have to sacrifice any your square footage for a simple table design. A popular way to hide your table when it’s not in use is to create a fold down table from your wall. You can either buy these designs as is or create a simple DIY project using hinges. One fold down table that’s gathered a lot of attention is this clever double duty table. When not in use, this table folds up to lay flat against the wall and act as an art piece. This is ideal for those that have very limited square footage, but also want the option of a full table. The frame folds out into two legs while the table provides the other support. The underside of the table can be completely customized to your desired design. As this is the section that will be displayed on your wall when not in use, you want it to reflect your space’s personality. For a flat surface that can act as your side table, look to your current furniture. Your couch’s armrest is the perfect place to put remotes, drinks, and plates. If it’s rounded or heavily padded, you can invest in a wraparound shelf or table. These designs give you the extra stability of a flat surface, but don’t take up any extra space. Some designs are just a wooden piece that fits around the armrest. Others have pockets and stands for your remotes, magazines, and tablets. If you’re particularly tight on space, you can even use this to eliminate your coffee table!

Broken Down Ottoman

Photo by: Vurni
When you’re entertaining, you know that you can never have enough seating. This can be a problem in tight spaces. There are plenty of options for extra seating that can easily be hidden. However, many of these lack the design aesthetic that you want for your home. This featured ottoman actually holds five minimalist style stools. They have patterned cushioned seats that come in a variety of colors and designs to fit your space’s personality. There are also plenty of designs that you can reupholster as a fun weekend DIY project. When these stools aren’t in use, they fit together to create a stylish padded ottoman. It doesn’t take up any more room than a small square in your space and can be used as a single seat or footrest when needed.
library chair
Photo by: Home & Heavens

Multifunctional Storage Pieces

Finding the space for storage will always be a challenge in small spaces. The best way to find extra storage in your home is to incorporate it into pieces that you already own or will need. You may want a bookshelf to hold your book collection, but you’d rather have more seating. You don’t have to choose between the two. There are a ton of different seating options that have open shelving around the frame. This is perfect for those want to display their books or want to easily access them. If you want a more hidden storage solution, there are plenty chairs that have hidden storage underneath the seat itself. The cushion is hinged in order to create an out of the way compartment for DVDS or books.
room divider
Photo by: Cascade Coil
Room dividers are popular for studio apartments that want to create the illusion of different rooms. It helps with organization and flow of traffic. Some people use privacy screens or curtains, but you there are other options that can have multiple functions. Bookcases are the most popular way to really utilize your room dividers. They can be solid or open depending upon your desired design aesthetic. They give you privacy on the bedroom side and storage on the living room side of your wall.        

Evolving Furniture

developing crib
Photo by: Web Urbanist
If you have kids, you know that their bedroom furniture needs to develop and grow over time as they do. While this may not have multiple functions at one time, a convertible crib has an investment quality to it. When you buy your baby’s crib, you may not be thinking about their future standard bed. However, once they’ve outgrown their crib you’ll find that they need more furniture besides their bed. Some cribs come with the ability to be used as a play table or desk once they are no longer being used as a bed. Other cribs can be converted into a full size bed and grow with the child. This is the perfect solution for parents who value longevity in their purchases.

Tansu Steps

tansu steps
Photo by: Sky Mall
Tansu steps have become a very popular tiny house stair option due to their multifunctional design. The base design is made up of staggered drawers and cabinets to create a staircase shape. This is a great solution for small spaces with second floors or lofts. The cabinets and drawers create storage space, while the stair step design provides a necessary means of access to their lofts. The staggered drawers have a place in single level homes as well. The flat tops are a good place to display photos or added décor pieces, such as small statues or plants. If you can’t find the perfect design for your house or apartment, building your own Tansu steps can be a fun DIY weekend project.      

Compact Rooms

circle kitchen
Photo by: Home Ideas Mag
If you want to take your multifunctional furniture to the next level, compact rooms are definitely some next level stuff. A popular room to compact is a kitchen. This can be seen in different forms, starting with a basic micro-fridge combination in a dorm room. However, there are some companies that are making it possible to have your entire kitchen, fully outfitted in one small unit. Compact Concepts’ Circle Kitchen keeps your kitchen to 19 square feet and, depending on your design, can include a dishwasher and stove top. This one unit is the definition of multi-use furniture with its multiple capabilities of refrigerating, cooking, and cleaning. Your bathroom can be compacted too. This may seem crazy when you think about all of the different fixtures in your bathroom. Design Odyssey Co. has managed to fit your entire bathroom into one tower with seven rotating pieces on a center column called the Vertebrae. Not only does it have the necessities, like a shower, sink, and toilet, but it also includes two storage areas. There are two shower heads at different heights as well. Compacting doesn’t mean you have to give up style or luxury. Both the Circle Kitchen and Vertebrae have sleek designs that can fit into any home.

Multi Use Furniture Sets

full furniture set
Photo by: Duitang
Some sets of furniture include multiple rooms in one place! This rivals the compact room for most innovative multifunctional furniture for small spaces. This particular set has a couch, desk, coffee table, and ottomans all in one. It looks like a simple modular design of an L shaped couch and a raised platform with a work space. However, the platform is hallowed out to hold a coffee table and four ottomans that also open up to provide storage. The coffee table can be expanded into a dining table. You can extend the couch fully to the size of a full bed. This furniture set truly takes advantage of all possibilities and space. They only thing it doesn’t have is a kitchen function. At a first glance, multifunctional furniture may seem like it should be kept to a college apartment. However, new designs are making them trendier and elevating their styles. The category of double duty furniture has extended to include a full furniture sets that include tables, chairs, and shelving units. These condensed sets can help you maximize space in your small home!