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The Salter Advantage: The difference is in the details:

We collaborate with our customers on every detail of a project. Within our technical detail pages you’ll find the following helpful information, you’ll understand just what building code is and how it affects you and your metal spiral staircase, which will allow you to see how to adjust your project if need be to fulfill code. You’ll also have a knowledge base of the extensive features that make a Salter stair a superior product and the finishes we offer to enhance your aesthetic choice while protecting your stair. Lastly, you’ll be able to view in-depth installation instructions for each Salter Spiral Stair build.

You will go through every detail and option during your free consultation with one of our expert designers. We make finding the ideal configuration for your needs easy and you will see every design aspect of the stair before it’s built. Our designers not only know our options but can help you make the best selection for taste, safety, and state specific code compliancy.

Please feel free to give us a call at 1-855-980-3497 or visit our help page if you have additional questions about specifications, building code, or installation for our products.


Discover the salter difference in terms of our superior project feature options and the advantages they provide for you.

Building Code

Learn what building code means for your project and exactly how it affects the build of your stair.

Finish Options

See our factory process for armoring our different metal spiral staircase builds and they range of aesthetic choices this means for you.

Installation Instructions

Get a detailed, step by step installation instruction packet for each of our stair builds to help further the ease of the process.

Salter Spiral Stair Product Design Solutions