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7 Salter Spiral Stair Exclusive Design Features

No one matches the design features found on a Salter spiral stair. These features are both exclusive in design as well as standard options to all Salter spiral stairs. There are two other alternatives to a Salter stair; 1. large manufactures that choose not to match our product features or 2. small stair builders that cannot recreate our features.

Seeing is believing, review our detailed Design Features.

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The best spiral stair in the industry…

Salter Spiral Stair exclusive design features!

  1. Hidden Weld and Hardware Design
    Maintains clean lines for a modern overall look
  2. Enclosed Tread Ends
    Strengthens the stair and helps to hide assembly hardware
  3. 1″ Round Steel Balusters with Press-Formed Tips
    Pre-set to stair angle for smooth handrail connection
  4. Baluster Pockets
    Allows balusters to mount inside the tread corner
  5. Continuous Sleeve Treads
    Gives center column a smooth outline
  6. Custom Handrails
    Constructed to match the helical shape of the stair
  7. Solid Wood Tread Covers
    Neatly contoured around the balusters
Salter Spiral Stair Product Design Solutions