Installation Instructions

Your Salter Spiral Stair will arrive on location in an easy to assemble kit. Each Salter Spiral Stair product type requires a slightly different installation method and we offer a detailed set of easy to follow instructions for each product line below. You will never miss a step, no matter which product you purchase.

No special tools needed

Any two average homeowners with zero background in construction can assemble our spiral stairs in the course of a weekend. Additionally, your can be done with a minimum of standard tools. No specialty tools are required.

Download installation instructions for Salter Spiral Stair products

We’re here to help

Should you encounter any issue at all during the installation process, our friendly staff is available to call at 1-855-804-3477 to address your needs. We will be with you every step of the way to make sure your spiral stair installation will be a pleasant experience

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