Spiral Staircase Kits For Tiny Houses

A Safe Alternative to Attic Ladders

Tiny homes have taken the world by storm. Whether they want to live in one or they’re simply fascinated by the lifestyle, people want to know more about these unique homes. Contrary to popular belief, you can have different levels in the small houses. With lofts being such a major part of the design, you will need a way to reach them. Spiral stairs are the perfect way to avoid a dangerous ladder in your home.

The key to a successful tiny house is maximizing space and efficient design. The small footprint of a spiral stair is ideal for tiny houses that have lofts. The biggest benefit is the safe walking space. Because these lofts are usually used for storage or as a bedroom, you’ll want a way to access the space that you can use while carrying objects to and from the loft.

Every tiny home is different and Salter Spiral Stair’s three interior lines Classic Steel, Forged Iron, and Solid Wood, can all be customized to be perfect tiny house stairs for your unique home design. Whether you’re looking for a rustic accent or an industrial piece, we can design it for you.

Explore our wide range of attractive indoor spiral stair options suitable for any style and budget.

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Classic Steel Spiral Stairs

A Classic Steel’s affordable versatility is the perfect answer to your tiny house’s small space and unique style.

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Forged Iron Spiral Stairs

Add elegance to your tiny home’s interior with a Victorian style Forged Iron Spiral Stair with decorative accents.

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Galvanized Spiral Stairs

A Galvanized Spiral Stair is weatherproof, making it ideal for any conditions, both indoor and outdoor.

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Get quick and accurate pricing. Plus, our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget.

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