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Sizing Your Stair

When considering sizing for a spiral stair, there is the obvious consideration of knowing the size of the spiral stair itself. However, on the flip side, it is every bit as important to know the sizing of your space to know if the size spiral stair you want will fit. Not only fit, but fit in such a way that makes the best use of your space and doesn’t waste anything or limit desired functionalities.

For a stair to best serve you, you want it to blend seamlessly with a room, not overwhelm anything. The functionality of a stair may appear greater by merit of greater size, but the functionality of , for example, a workshop isn’t great if a piece of equipment has its functionality limited because your spiral stair encroaches upon space needed for that piece of equipment. The same fact holds in a case where the stair encroaches upon space needed for material storage. These ideas apply to really any room. A room meant for social gatherings isn’t helped when too large a stair occupies what could or should be extra seating space. So really, it’s best to gain a holistic perspective on your space and how best to use it by accounting for everything that will occupy it and everything you want to use it for, not just looking at how big of a stair will fit.

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Sizing for Height

This particular area of size you won’t be able to do much about. The distance between the two floors you’ll want to connect is set and you can’t really go with anything taller or shorter than what you need. The most common mistakes people make in determining their stair size in terms of height is that they measure floor to ceiling height instead of floor to floor height, which is what they really need. Floor to ceiling is the length between the top of your floor and the ceiling. But you need to go above the ceiling to the top of the next floor. So you need to measure through the ceiling, through any subflooring, and through any flooring to get the correct measurement for sizing your stair.

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Sizing for Width/Diameter

Width is the area in sizing your spiral stair where you’ll have more options. A few questions you’ll want to ask yourself include things like how much foot traffic will the stair see, what will you be moving up and down the stair, and how much clearance do you want around the stair in order to maintain the desired aesthetic for your space.

To help you visualize this, you need to get a sense for the footprint of space you consider ideal for the spiral stair to occupy. Since a spiral stair is a purely vertical structure, you can think of it like a cylinder or tube going up and down. So mark down a simple circular outline either directly on the floor with tape or maybe using a piece of cardboard. The cardboard will allow you to move the outline around if you’re not sure, or have options, about where to put your stair.

You can adjust that simple outline up or down in terms of size to help you work toward what will be the best stair width for you. When it comes time to actually buy a stair you may not find an exact match for the outline you determined as most suitable for your space, but by bringing your ideas to a 1 on 1 consultation with a professional, you’ll be able to come pretty close or maybe even find an exact match in terms of stair sizing diameter. Plus it just helps to have a complete idea of what you want before trying to purchase.

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Sizing for Your Comfort

An additional aspect of the diameter, other than seeing how the stair fits in your space, is seeing how well you, or anyone else whom may be using the stair, fit in the stair. This is because your stair’s diameter will determines what is called your “walking path”. Your walking path is the amount of space that you will have to walk up and down your staircase. Because of the compact nature of a spiral stair design, many homeowners are concerned that there won’t be enough room to comfortably walk up and down. However, there is plenty of space to safely use your spiral stair on a regular basis. Salter’s smallest diameter, 3’6” provides 17” of walking room. This number will increase by 3” for every 6” of diameter added to your design. So don’t be afraid to adjust your circle outline up and down to get the stair size you want (so long as you don’t adjust below 3’6” and you don’t have to pay attention to stair code). And don’t feel tethered to anything greater in size if you feel it will encroach on the overall usability and desired aesthetics of your space.

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