Indoor Spiral Staircase Kits

The Most Versatile Interior Stairs

Spiral stairs are often seen as grand designs that are fit for a very specific setting. However, spiral stairs are one of the most versatile stairs designs that you can incorporate into your home design. These flexible designs paired with the major benefits of a small footprint and maximum safety standards make spiral stairs a great choice for any home’s interior.

All of our designs are kept to small footprints in your home, letting you maximize the rest of your space. Because a spiral builds on top of itself, the footprint is kept to a small circle in your floorplan. This small footprint doesn’t mean you sacrifice any safety. All Salter spiral stairs are structurally sound no matter what product line you choose.

Classic Steel Spiral Stairs

Classic Steel spiral stairs are the most versatile and can range from a simple frame to an industrial warehouse piece depending upon the details you choose for your stair.

  • Most Versatile Product Line
  • Custom Color Options
  • Additional Safety Features

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interior steel staircase

indoor iron staircase

Forged Iron Spiral Stairs

Our Forged Iron spiral stair adds Victorian elegance to a traditional home design. Wooden treads and handrails paired with ornate spindles gives your stair a worldly look.

  • Traditional Elegance
  • Decorative Balusters
  • Solid Wood Accents

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Solid Wood Spiral Stairs

Our Solid Wood spiral stair is the perfect choice for a classic home design that wants a unique element. We offer handcrafted pieces that are custom made to fit your home’s specifications.

  • 13 Available Wood Species
  • Handcrafted Beauty
  • Internal Steel Fasteners

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Get quick and accurate pricing. Plus, our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget.

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