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Outdoor spiral staircases are always going to face more challenges than indoor designs. Not only do they need to stand up to elements, but they also must fit into a space’s design. Often, homeowners and contractors feel the need to compromise one for the other. Salter Spiral Stair doesn’t see why they have to be separated. Our outdoor spiral staircase lines take durable materials and use them in beautiful designs that can complement any setting.

While they may be different, both of the following outdoor spiral staircase materials have beautiful finishes. A Galvanized Steel outdoor spiral staircase has a metallic silver finish that fits well into industrial spaces. The custom color of our Powder Coated Aluminum outdoor staircase is the perfect complement for any space, especially if you select a bright, bold color to really make a deck, patio, or other outdoor space pop.

The added safety features of textured steps add to the overall design and functionality of the stair, especially in outdoor settings. Our outdoor stairs can be equipped with either grated treads so precipitation will pass through rather than build up, so you always have a clear walking path. We also offer a diamond plate tread option, so your outdoor spiral staircase remains slip-resistant even if you live near water or experience heavy and frequent rainfall.

These rugged material outdoor stairs are suitable for more than just recreational backyard setups too. These make a perfect addition to sheds, barns, garages, shops, and other work spaces that may not have all the comforts and amenities of your house yet still need a sophisticated way of moving between floors or adding storage with easy access.

Outdoor Aluminum Spiral Stairs

An Aluminum Spiral Stair balances style and function for your outdoor stair needs. Each stair features a maintenance free custom color finish. done with our meticulous powder coating process for a beautiful and long-wearing result.

  • Custom Color Finish
  • Functional Style
  • Maintenance Free

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Outdoor Galvanized Spiral Stairs

Galvanized Steel Spiral Stairs are a no-fuss design that still have a sleek finish. The weatherproof coating guarantees our lifetime warranty and guarantees you a stair that will withstand even the harshest of weather in any environment.

  • Cost Effective
  • Weatherproof
  • Rugged Durability

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