Antique Victorian Style Spiral Staircase Kits

Add Victorian Elegance to Your Home

Many homeowners love the idea of having a touch of elegance in their traditional homes. There are several ways to incorporate Victorian design elements into your home. Victorian design styles are known for the ornate details and excess in the design. Your staircase is the perfect place to incorporate Victorian designs into your home. A spiral stair not only is a grand design by nature, but Salter Spiral Stair also has designs that take them to the next level.

Spiral stairs are the perfect stair design for homes looking to add Victorian elegance. They are known for grand designs and can easily become a centerpiece in your home. Whether you want a large piece that is reminiscent of a grand entrance hall or a small piece of Victorian design with a small footprint, a spiral stair can fit into your space.

Salter Spiral Stair has completely customizable designs that can incorporate lots of ornate details for truly Victorian stairs. Our Forged Iron spiral stair line is the perfect base for your Victorian home. This product line is known for its ornate details. The most defining feature of your Forged Iron spiral stair is going to be the decorative spindle designs. We offer groupings of complimentary spindles that you can arrange in a custom pattern and solid wood step covers in rich wood tones.

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Classic Steel Spiral Stairs

Victorian Stairs can be affordable! Salter’s Classic Steel Spiral Stairs offer some decorative spindles and wooden accents for budget friendly elegance.

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Forged Iron Spiral Stairs

The ornate accents, such as spindles and handrails, which define the Forged Iron Spiral Stair product line is the perfect match for an elegant Victorian space.

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Solid Wood Spiral Stairs

Add traditional elegance to your Victorian interior with a Solid Wood Spiral Staircase. You can choose from over a dozen available wood species, you can find the right match.

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Get quick and accurate pricing. Plus, our expert designers can design the perfect stair solution based on your requirements and budget.

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